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To take care of the Wiki of the Belgian Pirate Party.
wiki [at] pirateparty dot be


To take care of the Wiki of the Belgian Pirate Party.


Members of the squad have admin access. They can remove, restore or protect a page, and they can also block an IP address or an user account. Feel free to contact them if necessary.


What the wiki should provide :

  • A place to share and find information
  • An efficient and noninvasive way to communicate between pirates.


Visual editor[edit]

We consider the option of installing the Visual Editor to ease page edition.


  • We are not sure whether this new tool would make the edition easier, or on the opposite it will complexify everything by hiding wiki syntax from the user.
    • This requires more discussions within the WikiSquad.


As of February 2017, we installed the Translate extension. We are currently testing it in order to see if it fits our needs. We also plan to install the ContentTranslation extension.


  • There is a "bug" with Semantic Mediawiki and with Categories. Translated pages using a sidebar, such as Template:ProjectSidebar, occurs several times in the generated category. For instance, Apartmentgarden will show up four times (one per language + the original page) in the Category:Active Projects. The exact same problem occurs with semantic data.



  • Provide adequate tools to crews and squads to easy their workflow.
  • Implement an alternative to the mailing list (with semantic).
  • Improve the searching tool.


  • February 2017: We implemented a calendar through Semantic Mediawiki, see [1]. The result can be found here.
  • January 2017: We moved the Wiki to a new server.


  • Create/import a template 'outdated content/page'.
  • Organise, distribute and manage statues administrator and Bureaucrate and delete obsolete user accounts
  • Propose wiki templates in the according page


Meeting Date Venue
Wiki workshop Saturday 11 March 2017, 1:00pm D'autres mondes – Rue Notre Dame 13, 5030 Gembloux
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Off line[edit]

  • Past:
    • Sunday 27/10/2013 17H00 on Pirate local in Brussels
    • Sunday 05/01/2014 13H00 on Pirate local in Brussels
    • Saturday 18/01/2014 10H00 - 14H00 on Pirate GA
    • Friday 02/01/2015 14H00 in LLN
    • Friday 12/06/2015 19H30 in pl. des Sciences, LLN (cf. Talk Page and agenda)
    • Saturday 15/10/2016 19H30 in LLN (cf. Crew BW agenda)