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Wiki workshop Toicon-icon-avocado-discuss.svg
Workgroup WikiSquad
Date Sat 23 September 2017
Time 2:00pm
Venue D'autres mondes
Rue Notre Dame 13
5030 Gembloux
Attendees Hadrien
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Link to the Facebook event:


The objectives of this wiki workshop are multiple. First, we will reflect on how the information on the wiki is structured and we will try to propose improvements in this area. Then we will set up the new structure in a collaborative manner.

The information structure includes the classification of the different projects and categories, but also the way a meeting page is structured, etc.

This workshop is also open to new people who would like to learn how to use a wiki, or who would like to improve their skills. If necessary, we will organize a small parallel working group to allow newcomers to familiarize with the tool.

The event will most likely be held in English, but we can set up workshops per language if needed.


Les objectifs de cet atelier wiki sont multiples. Tout d'abord, nous réfléchirons à la manière dont se structure l'information sur le wiki, et nous tâcherons de proposer des améliorations dans ce domaine. Ensuite, nous mettrons en place la nouvelle structure de manière collaborative.

La structure de l'information comprend la classification des différents projets et catégories, mais également la manière dont est structurée une page de réunion, etc.

Cet atelier est également ouvert aux nouveaux qui souhaiteraient apprendre à utiliser un wiki, ou qui aimeraient se perfectionner. Si besoin, nous organiserons un petit groupe de travail en parallèle pour permettre aux nouveaux de se familiariser avec l'outil.

L'évènement se fera très probablement en anglais, mais nous pourrons constituer des ateliers en fonction de la langue des participants si besoin.


Machine translation: De doelstellingen van deze wiki workshop zijn meervoudig. Eerst zullen we nadenken over hoe de informatie op de wiki is gestructureerd en we zullen proberen verbeteringen op dit gebied voor te stellen. Dan zullen we de nieuwe structuur in samenwerking opzetten.

De informatiestructuur omvat de classificatie van de verschillende projecten en categorieën, maar ook de manier waarop een meeting page gestructureerd is, enz.

Deze workshop staat ook open voor nieuwe mensen die graag willen leren hoe ze een wiki kunnen gebruiken of die hun vaardigheden willen verbeteren. Indien nodig organiseren we een kleine parallelle werkgroep om nieuwkomers vertrouwd te maken met de tool.

Het evenement zal waarschijnlijk in het Engels plaatsvinden, maar we kunnen desgewenst workshops per taal organiseren.


Here is a pad dedicated to the preparation of the event :

This will be used to indicate the possible attendees, the draft agenda for the day, and taking notes altogether.



  • Documentation and thematics
  • Consistency with every views
  • Specific need of documentation
  • What is important
  • Metadata

We decide to split in 2 subgroups, one about consistency, one about topics

Subgroup : Topics on the wiki

  • We see a distinction to make between Projects (which can be linked to a workgroup) and Topics
  • There should be pages about topics on the wiki
  • Some of these topics should be put forward (important topics)
  • There can be relations betweens topics
    • one topic can be included in several other topics
  • How do we choose the topics? How do we select the big topics?
    • We need to define some criteria and describe them and make our selection on that basis
    • Even if it's only a handful of people who make these criteria and it might be only temporary, at least it's something we can improve later
  • A topic page should contain :
    • Say what this topic is about
      •  ! it's not about making a precise definition ("Basic income is an income that exists so people can have enough money to meet their essential needs" but something more general
    • A list of projects about that topic, also including the projects of the sub-topics
      • For example : on the Democracy page, we see all the projects of "Democracy" but also of "Local Democracy"
    • A list of events + map (this should rather be at the bottom of the page)
    • A link to the documentation (rather than have (some of) the documentation on the page itself)
    • An infobox containing :
      • A link to the basic text where it mentions the topic
      • The list of linked topics (for example, on the Democracy page, have a list including "Transparency")
      • An invitation for people to join the discussion on Loomio (therefore create a Loomio thread dedicated to each topic)
      • An image (might be useful to consider using the same on the wordpress homepage)
  • A topic page could be created about PPBe stuff : Pirate Labs, a meeting to prepare a GA, etc


  • Set up the template on the wiki
  • Convert the projects to topics

Subgroup : Consistency

The report still has to be published.


More discussion : improve meeting pages