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In 2017 those are the existing emails. It is a heritage of the Pirates of Belgium since their origin in 2009.

As a sample, I did put my wiki user page (code: [[User:Tierce|]] ) to help identifying myself as a willing and active participant as you can see under #bw, #itworkgroup and #postmaster.
tierce le 31/08/2016

We may work with this page to help us in the definition and distribution of the different roles we would like to endorse.

Discuss this page here or #contact us.

The current e-mail structure. Gray box means address that should be removed. See this loomio thread for details.

contact us

The contact or info address is behind the contact form on our webpage. It occasionally gets emails from people who want to participate but don't know where to start, from people (like press or students for a school project) who want to contact Pirates, or in the past sometimes people who payed for their membership but didn't get any notification or info about it.

Go to #crews, #squads, #tools, #web services, #unknown, #Personal Accounts


ahoy +@+

Forwarded to : #contact


contact +@+

Forwarded to : 8 #Personal Accounts (David L., HgO, Josse, Fred, Renaud, Patrick, Sarah and Pascal)

Aliases : welcome, bienvenue, welkom, wilkommen


info +@+

Forwarded to : #contact


Those emails are available to contact a crew.

Go to #contact us, #squads, #tools, #web services, #unknown, #Personal Accounts


antwerpen +@+

Forwarded to : 2 #Personal Accounts


brainelecomte +@+

Alias : blc

Forwarded to : 2 #Personal Accounts


bw +@+

Forwarded to : 3 #Personal Accounts and a mailing list


kempen +@+

Forwarded to : 2 #Personal Accounts


leuven +@+

Forwarded to : 2 #Personal Accounts = David L. and I think the other one still is Dimi, who doesn't live in Leuven (or Belgium for that matter) anymore. Should be replaced with Josse or so.


liege +@+

Forwarded to : 2 #Personal Accounts


mechelen +@+

Forwarded to : 1 mailing list


oost-vlaanderen +@+

Alias : oostvlaanderen

Forwarded to : 2 #Personal Accounts


schoten +@+

Stand alone mailbox.


waasland +@+

Forwarded to : 2 #Personal Accounts


west-vlaanderen +@+

Alias : westvlaanderen

Forwarded to : 1 mailing list


Those are email addresses having an organisational role.

Go to #contact us, #crews, #tools, #web services, #unknown, #Personal Accounts


For historical webaccount management for hostings, domains, etc.

coreteam +@+

Forwarded to 2 #Personal Accounts + (tierce for ITSquad needs)


finance +@+

Forwarded to 2 #Personal Accounts


international +@+

Aliases : ppeu, ppi

Forwarded to #coreteam


itworkgroup +@+

Aliases : it, itsquad, itwerkgroep, abuse

Forwarded to 8 #Personal Accounts (Tierce, David L., HgO, Ilja, Fred, Koen, ...)


jongepiraten +@+

Forwarded to 3 #Personal Accounts


mermaid +@+

Formarded to 7 #Personnal Accounts (tierce, Koen, Josse, ...)


merchandising +@+

Alias : merchandise

Forwarded to #finance


press +@+

Alias : pers, presse

Forwarded to #contact


redactie +@+

Forwarded to 3 #Personal Accounts


shop +@+

Alias : webshop

Forwarded to #finance and 2 #Personal Accounts


translation +@+

Forwarded to valerie and 3 #Personal Accounts.


treasure +@+

Forwarded to 2 #finance


web +@+

Forwarded to nobody. ITSquad should have access on this mailbox for recovering passwords and validating e-mail for new services.

This should not be a redirection still, because of the high amount of mails that ends there.

Aliases : gitlab, eventbrite, diaspora, mastodon, mailchimp, flattr, vimeo, twitter


webmaster +@+

Forwarded to #itworkgroup

We can discuss it on the wiki talk page or on a Loomio thread.


wiki +@+

Forwarded to 8 #Personnal Accounts (HgO, Damiens, Fred, Valerie, Tierce, Vincent, Ilja, Renaud)


postmaster +@+

Forwarded to #itworkgroup


Probably used by some online tools.

Go to #contact us, #crews, #squads, #web services, #unknown, #Personal Accounts


newsletter +@+

Forwarded to nobody. There is an auto-reply system inviting people to send mail to #contact instead.



noreply +@+

Formarded to nobody (hence the name).

Alias : no-reply

Personal Accounts

Those are accounts +@+ with login / password access or forward to a personal email address.

In 2017, there are 17 accounts. all of them have been verified during summer 2017.

For privacy concerns, we will not list those accounts here.

Goto #contact us, #crews, #squads, #tools, #web services, #unknown.

Forwarded emails

For instance, contact +@+ can automatically forward to you@domain.ext, me@domain.ext, something@anotherdomain.ext, ... .

This is JUST A FORWARD. There is no more functionality like we could find on a Electronic mailing list

Domain aliases CAN HAVE domain aliases meaning that, if we chose to have contact +@+ and if we technically support domain aliases for our domains, we AUTOMATICALLY have contact +@+ or contact +@+, etc. / The Good old Drupal

The «drupal website» relies/relied also on the use of some distribution emails linked the the crews, the squads and the projects.

Exemple with the 4G discussions used to help with translation. The «group» and «members» where created on the drupal website and an email adress was assigned to it. Every email exchanged arround that group are/were «published» on the website and the mailbox of the members.

Here is a list of those «groups» linked to the domain name :

4g, aaron, agora, antwerpen, basicincome, brabant-wallon, brainelecomte, brasschaat, brussels, brussels-city, charleroi, cj2013election, community, communityos, coord, coreteam, coretemp, councils-transparency, democracy, drugs, economy, education, election, eupen-st-vith, finance, free, ga, gamz-squad, gent, graphics, green, hainaut, hasselt-st-truiden, hyperactive, international, ip, it, jongepiraten, kempen, kortrijk, la-louviere, la-peer-crew, leuven, liege, limburg, luxembourg, manif, manifesto, mechelen, media, mons, namur, piratecamp, piratenvantstad, pirates-soignies, ppbenelux, press, privacy-data-protection, rdbliege, redaction, renewable-energy-squad, schaerbeek, secretary, sint-niklaas, st-gilles, stop-indect, tact, trilogie, uccle, ulb-squad, vlaams-brabant, vlaanderen, wallonie, west-vlaanderen, wiki.