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Fred M aka ZeFredz Toicon-icon-avocado-disguise.svg
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City Louvain-la-Neuve
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Who am I ?

Democracy must be inclusive not exclusive ! Votes create losers and eagerness, either by the dictate of a majority or the veto from a minority. So, for me, voting is not a democratic way of solving things. If we really want to change the world, the first step is to forget about the old ways of making things and try new or alternative ones ! Let's try to work by consensus ! Let's create an organic, decentralized and horizontal structures ! Let's try sociocracy ! Let's take time to do things instead of being in an eternal state of urgency !

We MUST never forget our principles in favour of efficiency. Efficiency is a capitalistic/productivist concept.

I think we should not create a political party, but we must create a platform for democracy instead.

Having said this, this is only my opinion and I agree to disagree with everybody that will not agree with me ^^

You can join me on Riseup (XMPP and mail)

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Things I can do
Domain Skills
Software development Analyse et architecture, orienté-objet, open-source, Agile/SCRUM, pragmatic programming,
Programming languages PHP, Javascript, Typescript, CoffeeScript (used to know that), Python (mais je suis rouillé), C (idem), Ruby (idem), Scheme
Web servers Docker, Linux (Ubuntu/Debian), Nginx, Apache
Web development and CMS Symfony, Drupal, Grav, Node.js
Arts Electric guitar, analog synthesizers, photography, DIY audio recording, tzuras
Knowledge Astronomy, astrophysics, quantum mechanics, elearning, serious gaming
Loisirs Tabletop role playing games, writing, recording music, field recording, meditation
Langues Français (langue maternelle), Anglais (Reading VG, writing G, listening G, speaking not that good)
Traductions Bon : Anglais -> Français, Français -> Anglais; Moyen : Néerlandais -> Français
Misc. Street philosophy, creating a better world, arguing about meaningless things, ook...

Grassroot, activism