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Personal Data Treatment

The ITSquad hosts several services. Some of these services collect personal data. We try to keep the collection and usage of data to a minimum without compromising the integrity and working of the service. Below is a list of services we host or administrate and which data they store and how the data is treated. Note that on most of these services the data that you share should be considered publicly available. When you give us a name, you don't have to give us a real name.

We don't retain any log regarding the requests made to our servers. Those logs would include the IP address as well as the name of your browser application and your operating system, but we don't care about those information.

We store daily backups on an external device for a period of four days. Backups for Mastodon are kept for one month.

You can send a request to it +@+ pirateparty.be if you want to know what data do we have on you, or to remove those personal data.


When you subscribe to the newsletter, we store your email address. If you provided your first name and name these are stored as well.

At the bottom of every newsletter we send, there is a link that allows you to unsubscribe from our mailing list. When you unsubscribe, your email address is marked as "unsubcribed" and is not removed right away. Inactive mail addresses (i.e unsubscribed, bounced and unconfirmed) will be completely removed before sending each monthly Newsletter, or within two months.

Newsletters and GA invitations are sent through the Mailpoet third-party service, wich is GDPR compliant. See their privacy policy.

We do not collect data about sending, opening, and receiving mails. We do not track clicks on links either.


Cookies are used to identify the people on the pad. When you set a username, this username will be visible. Etherpad keeps history of all changes, so content of the pad should never be considered private. The username and a timestamp are attached to every edit made by the user and is also publicly accessible. At the moment there is no retention policy meaning that pads aren't deleted.


When you register to the wiki, your email address will be stored for authentication and notification purposes. You can remove this e-mail address at any time by going to your preferences.

All information put on the wiki should be considered as public. Be aware that the wiki keeps track of all changes made to the pages (i.e. username, time and content that has changed). Upon request, admins can remove the content from the history. You can also ask them to remove your wiki account, as the software doesn't allow you to do it manually. You can contact them at wiki +@+ pirateparty.be


We use Mailgun to send mails for Mastodon, which is GDPR-compliant. See their privacy policy for more details.

For specifics on what is collected on Mastodon you can check the terms and policy of Mastodon on this page.


When you make a payment to the Pirate Party, personal data such as bank account, amount of the transaction and name are stored. If provided, we also keep the email.

When a GA is organised, the list of member's email adresses will be requested. This list will be transfered to the Wordpress website in order to send the invitation to the GA.


Every mail behind the pirateparty.be domain name are sent through Infomaniak, which is GDPR-compliant.


Everyone who joins our Loomio group should get the role of a coördinator. Coordinators can accept invitations to join the group and remove members. When new members join our Loomio group, coordinators can see the name and email address of the requesting user.

You can read Loomio's privacy policy here.


Since it's decentralised, you must read the privacy policy of your server. We do not host our own server at the moment, but our main chat room is on matrix.org. You can read their privacy policy here.