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Pirate Lab April 2017 Toicon-icon-avocado-discuss.svg
Workgroup Pirate Lab
Mission Statement
Date Sat 29 April 2017
Time 1:00pm
Venue D'autres mondes
Rue Notre Dame 13
5030 Gembloux
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This Lab was a bit special because we agreed to test new meeting ideas recently developed by the internal democracy group. It turned to be quite successful and fun!

Discussion pad

Lab starts at 1 pm. Please come on time!

Direct link: https://pad.pirateparty.be/p/Piratelab2017-April



  • Roundtable: how are you feeling and what are your expectations for this meeting?



  • Roundtable: how are you feeling now?
  • Setting the next meeting: Expression in Mechelen, Saturday May 27


  • Merchandising for new stickers or Tshirts : partly discussed with mission statement
  • Pirate Weekend / Summer event: not discussed
  • Making a newsletter: quickly discussed
  • Welcome page with a Belgian pirates map: postponed


  • Start up: We agreed to test a meeting approach discussed during internal democracy meetings. As a consequence in this lab we split into groups earlier than usual and did not spend time on reporting on what has been going on lately. We had a round-table saying how we feel (e.g. tierce mentioned he was disturbed by the heavy noise of a tool in the room, which Vincent directly turned off --> peace! :-)) and what we expected from today's meeting. The agenda was then drafted from this: most were willing to work on the mission statement, and two people decided to first work on urgent needs for our Mastodon (i.e. an open source and distributed twitter-like that the IT squad has just started setting up).
  • Mission statement:
    • part 1: split in two language groups. The NL group had a more concrete approach to what is to be implemented while the FR group took deliberately a more abstract direction towards goals, rather than strategy.
    • part 2: report on the result, including the people who worked on Mastodon earlier.
    • part 3: partial split to come out with two sentences that summarized the work.

You can find more details in the pad and in the mission statement page.

The outcome sentence: When people cooperate through trust and nurture their necessary freedoms, alternatives can emerge for the general interest. We want people to be able to define the policies to ensure this trust and freedoms. NB: This is work in progress!

  • Mastodon: a back-up solution was set by HgO and tierce.
  • Closing: We had another roundtable on how we felt and discussed how to improve things next time. Also defined the new Lab date and location (which is meant to turn between Mechelen and Gembloux). Overall, there was a positive feeling and vibe!

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