ITSquad/Meeting/23 04 2017

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Workgroup ITSquad
Date Sun 23 April 2017
Time 10:00am
Venue tierce's place
30 rue Achille Bauduin
1300 Limal
Attendees Hgo, Damiens, Tierce, Paskal,
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Train : station Limal (from Ottignies or Leuven)

Car : E411 near Wavre

Starting after 10:00 in the morning, and as long as we want.





We keep discussing about the idea to join

One question is «can we as a Political Party?» -> Chapter 2.4 (Neutralité) of their Manifesto

"La neutralité du CHATONS est aussi une neutralité politique dans la mesure où les convictions de chaque membre ne seront ni examinées ni sanctionnées tant qu'elle n'outrepassent pas le cadre législatif en vigueur."

So it seems that it's not even an issue.

Maybe we can ask them directly throught :

  • tierce is already subscribed to that list.


Domain bannishing

We encoutered some spammers / bots / ... from other instances. Do we consider bannishing domains ?

  • Annoying for : HgO, vanecx,
  • A bit frustrating for : skal
  • Not annoying for : tierce (users can block by themself), Ilja, zefredz

We will postpone the decision to the next meeting, so that we see if it's just a temporary issue, because of the recent adoption of Mastodon by Japanese people.

User bannishing / Banning policy

About banning people for racism, etc. we discussed whether we ban those people or not.

What about the basic text ? We said that everybody should respect those values

  • Saying that we don't ban is the same as saying "do whatever you want"

We need to adopt a methodology before banning someone

  • Usualy you would have some terms of use about that so if somebody complains about what someone says, you are allowed to contact them and, if needed, block or terminate their account. Maybe it is mandatory to have such a document (to be checked)

Welcome messages

About welcome messages for new accounts on our ppbe instance? For instance :

Instance name

Everybody agreed on "Mastodon - PiratesBE"


About upgrading the instance from v1.1 to v1.2

Reminder: we followed this installation guide:

There is a new release each 4 days, but we are not ready to upgrade yet (needs to setup a test server, backups, etc.).


We tried this on our test mail server :

For instance the mails are «stored locally» and not in a container.

We have set up another mastodon instance to be able to test backup / restore / updates.