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Pirate Lab February 2018 Toicon-icon-avocado-discuss.svg
Workgroup Pirate Lab
Date Sat 24 February 2018
Time 2:00pm
Venue Expression
Koning Albertplein 14
2800 Mechelen
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Pirate Lab February 2018

About this meeting

Pirate Labs can be seen as incubators for pirate projects. This is the perfect place for people to propose their ideas and to launch new projects.

If you have any ideas of projects, or want to help other projects, please do come!

We will use the meeting guidelines proposed by the internal democracy group. Please have a look at them before coming to the lab :)

To-do list

  1. Confirm venue
  2. Create facebook event (then destroy facebook) Event on Facebook (Facebook can now be destroyed)


Lab starts at 2 pm. For those who want to lunch together before the lab, they can coordinate on the following pad:


Suggestions for the agenda happen on this pad. We strongly advise you to read the pad before coming to this lab!


There were three people present. We've decided to work further on the site.


Do we need another/ is there a better theme?

  • A good theme should be adaptable to screen-size
  • We'd like to be able to easily copy blocks of the site (so we have easier reuse) => Josse and Koen were able to do this with a plug-in
  • Let's keep the one we have ^^

We reworked the CAN WE TRUST THE SYSTEM? text.

HOTFIX on the current site. We want to get rid of the clutter which make up the links

  • We want to add loomio on the mainpage, and then make a dropdown tools for Loomio, Pad and Mastodon
  • We also found that it would be better to merge wiki and calendar (since the calendar is visible on the wiki-mainpage anyhow). If someone also wants an easy link to the full (external) events calendar, we'd prefer it to be added under tools (to keep the clutter away).