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Pirate Lab February 2017 Toicon-icon-avocado-discuss.svg
Workgroup Pirate Lab
Mission Statement
Date Sat 25 February 2017
Time 1:00pm
Venue Expression
Koning Albertplein 14
2800 Mechelen
Attendees Jean-François, Josse, Thierry, Ilja, Hadrien, Jan van O., Koen, Vincent (pad)
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Discussion pad

Lab starts at 1 pm. Please come on time!

Direct link: https://pad.pirateparty.be/p/Piratelab2017-February



  • Roundtable and follow-up of: (at the same time)
    • internal democracy squad
    • mission statement
    • vzw (very short)
    • Democracy tools (report on democratie.nu mini-congress)
    • Democracy charter Democracy.nu





  • JF: Crew Leuven, he is because he likes the concept of the Labs (working together). He is interested in finding the real source of the problems in our society. He is involved in the Internal Democracy workgroup. This workgroup did two or three meetings so far. There will be another meeting next week (5th march) in Leuven. They will be talking about meetings, what could be the guidelines for a good democratic meeting.
  • Hadrien: Crew BW, dégooglisons (kitten collective), internal democracy, wiki
  • Jan Van Opstal: Ghent crew (disconnected) -> new crew Vlaamse Ardennen
    • ASBL -> thinks the way it was set up initially could have been better
      • international asbl? (what would be the difference)
      • fundings (is always given to asbl) -> recognition could go very fast sometimes
      • Clear the bad feelings out
      • reaction Thierry:
        • problem is in the symbolics: "pirate logistics" e.g., so it is clear it is not
        • Funding could influence the vzw (e.g. ngos using non-free sw)
        • Koen: we are going on on Monday
        • Jan VO: he wants to change the vzw as the main structure
  • Koen: vzw/asbl
  • Ilja: internal democracy, kitten collective, asbl is too soon
  • Thierry: he is a doer (in opposition to the asbl), asbl is too early, we don't have internal democracy yet, asbl has been done in the past 2 times,
    • democracy vs doacracy
    • There is polarization and it is difficult to get around
  • Hadrien explains the kitten project and free softwares:
    • the idea is to join the kitten collective funded by Framasoft (dégooglisons)
    • we would provide services based on free softwares, like etherpad, doodle free,...
    • we would be the first Belgian member (in France, Netherlands, ...)
    • this can promote free software
    • we nust agree on a chart, mentioned on the website
  • Josse: we talked during last Lab about what is our main direction. He is interested in defining what is our strategy / mission statement, and in democracy (democracy nu!, etc.)
    • mission statement: say what is the problem, in one or two lines, without saying how we do it
    • Also interested in the wiki, wondering what is the current situation



Hadrien, Ilja

The result of what has been done during the workshop is there.

There will be a meeting for the wiki squad on 11th march, Rue Notre Dame 13, Gembloux

Mission statement

Josse, Thierry, JF, Koen, Jan

  • You try to reach consensus
    • consensus = everything agrees completely vs compromise
    • "Consensus instead of compromise"
  • Government structure should be at the service of the common interest.
  • Politics are the citizens.
  • People are politics.
  • Let us improve our community together by more consensus and improving dialogue
  • Everyone should have grip on society.
  • From particracy to democracy.


Koen, Jan, Tierce, Josse, JF, Ilja...

  • A lot of talking, different visions
  • A lot of emotions too ... so hard to take notes
  • fear about the current «unclear» situation regarding money and membership «management»
  • Ilja, Tierce and Hadrien suggest that it is too early
  • Almost everyone suggest to keep discussing the way it is done.
  • Reminding about polarization : Polarization (hoping piratepad.be will be back)
  • Reminding about the democratic decision to «make» a vzw : Pirate Assembly Fall 2016
  • Reminding about the minutes reporting that vzw creation vote : Pirate Assembly Fall 2016/Feedback_FollowUp (hoping piratepad.be will be back)
  • Next vzw/asbl meeting: ASBL/VZW_creation/Meeting/27_02_2017

See also the feedback of Jan on loomio

Kitten collective

Hadrien, Ilja, Thierry

We will talk about this within the IT Squad, some people were interested, nobody disagreed. Maybe plan a meeting for the IT Squad ?

See also