ITSquad/Meeting/04 06 2017

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Setting up our Mail Infrastructure Toicon-icon-avocado-discuss.svg
Workgroup ITSquad
Date Sun 4 June 2017
Time 10:00am
Venue tierce's place
30 rue Achille Bauduin
1300 Limal
Attendees Tierce
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Train : station Limal (from Ottignies or Leuven)

Car : E411 near Wavre

Starting after 10:00 in the morning, and as long as we want.





We are testing YunoHost on :

  • setting up a debian jessy on a Hetzner VM
  • setting up Yunohost


The idea is to set up our own mailing server.

We will have to send a mail to pirates having a @ppbe mail address to tell them:

  • the login / password will change
  • the smpt / imap / webmail will change
  • we cannot backup the current content of the mailboxes -> users must do it by themselves
  • estimate how much people are still using this service
  • estimate consequences of not being at Infomaniak, because emails are currently the logins to manage Infomaniak services.

Mailing lists, how to organize them better ?

Microsoft's Docusign

In order to have our IPs whitelisted, we will need a Microsoft document to be signed


Check if we can do `docker-compose build` while it's still running -> yes we can