Coreteam/Meeting/20 04 2014

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Coreteam Meeting Toicon-icon-avocado-discuss.svg
Workgroup Coreteam
Date Sun 20 April 2014
Time 2:30pm
Venue Brussels Office
Rue Gérard 47A
1040 Etterbeek
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Important: We can save a lot of time during the meetings by discussing about complicated topics beforehands. The discussion pad is open. You can also add points and links to the agenda.

  • Decisions
    • We need to clarify the election page. Who? Where? How?
    • What address do we use for international contacts, and who can receive the mails?
      • Proposal (Vincent):, all coreteam members+international squad should be members.
      • Proposal (Jonas): a lot of bullshit comes through on this address, I would propose not all coreteam members need to receive this.
        • (Vincent) I can agree on this but that means we need to formalize the International Squad, in order to give the possibility to every volunteer to understand, join and participate.
    • Finance:
      • Appointing budget per list
      • Investment of which budget in general campaigning material
      • Which designs do we order?
    • Coordination
      • We have an GA protocol to run for the 31st of May. Next GA (in August) will have a crucial importance for the future orientation of PPBE.
      • What can we do to reinforce cooperation between crews?
        • Press event in Brussels?

  • Reporting
    • JournalDeBord Squad
    • Finance Squad
    • Webshop progress? (Since Koen is now coordinating PPI)
    • Press presence:
      • New squad: Débats Télévisés (fr), including Debat_Tv/Controverse_140413
      • Press coordination is still a mess in the french speaking part: The first people who answers to an email solliciation takes the interview. Paul and Marouan are in competition on this topic with destructive effect on our cohesion.

  • todo
    • Signatures dispatching. Everybody bring your signatures for other people!
  • Consistency
    • A few squads don't follow the article 56 of the statutes with a negative impact on the transparency of their work. As a consequence, it's difficult to participate to their meetings or understand their decisions. We should:
      • Spend some time to help them to report their work. (WikiSquad seems to be an interesting choice to do this job)
      • Remind everyone why reporting is important in a party promoting transparency in politics. (Coreteam's job)
      • Clarify the article 56 via an amendment. (Resquad_project has been created for this purpose)
      • Wonder if an electoral campaign is an acceptable reason to bypass this rule. (Everyone's job)


Started at 14:45. Present: Kash, Thomas, Vincent, Patrick, Paul, Koen, Sarah, Jonas

Guests: Hgo, Nofel, Sammy

Agenda discussion, make sure to cover the following:

- Add an evaluation of last meeting's outcome

- Discuss financial support (re: Noemi's question)

- Election and post-election scenario

- PPeu: need a new delegate

- PPI: more information?

- WeCitizen/Wij Burgers/Nous Citoyens

- Debate Invitations / Porte parole / Presse


I. Elections

I.1 Finances

We repeat the decision to divide the available budget among all the lists that will be in the election.

Arrived at 15:00: Jonas, Koen, Sarah, plus guest: Sammy

Starting point: 3270 € + 550 € in Black Pearl savings account + 700 € in cash (at Paul's place)

Estimate of number of lists:

- Flanders : 7 => West Flanders (Regional), East-Flanders (Flemish & Federal), Limburg (Federal), Vlaams-Brabant (regional), Antwerp (regional & federal)

- Wallonie : 3 => Hainaut: Federal, Liege: Federal, Waloon Brabant: Regional

- Brussels : 1 => Regional (Fr list with both french and flemish)

= 11 lists

Need to be kept: 500 € server costs, GA 500 €, previous GA 500 €

Vote: 3000 €, unanimously approved

Estimate: Per list a maximum of 270 €.

Method: submit the original ticket or digital invoice. Invoice needs to have the correct information on it!

The official procedure for reimbursment will be published there:

What do we reimburse: everything which is legal by law for elections.

Add a comment about flyers and posters, contact Paul to work together on a single poster.

Be careful, you need to put "Editeur Responsable... " et "Ne pas jetter sur la voie publique"

Hub page for the co-operation

I.2 Evaluation

Vincent would like to contact people to debrief regarding the signature collection.

I.3 Working together

Different lists are working separately from each other. There is a frustration about people not working together. Make a list of basic instructions. Have an overview page of the different initiatives:

I.4 Post-election

31st f May: post election meeting (by Pirate Lab squad).

II. PPI - PPEU stays forwarded to

PPI reporting: a lot of things need to be fixed. - There is a membership fee now. More than 0,01 € is required. We are not going to pay anything more until after the full audit. - Delegates are Koen and Paul, decided last year. Currently there is no delegate, because Koen is board member now. Candidates to be delegates for international:

  • Thomas (PPE)=> Elected PPEU delegate
  • Kash (PPI+PPEU)=> Elected PPI delegate

31th of may: 1st step of GA protocol

  • Post-election meeting
  • Where? > Kash and Paul are going to help book one of these:
  • Byrrh
  • Viavia cafe

Coordination reporting:

  • JournalDeBord - the goal is to have a more regular communication about what is going on in the PP. Patrick proposes captains report on what is going on. It's not easy to collect information. They need another person to help you out, minimum.
  • Need an inventory of crews and squads reporting places
  • Finance squad: not much extra to report, membership is now at around 130.
  • Webshop: no work on it has been done anymore by Koen. Kash will try to take over.


  • Proposal: a video after the coreteam meeting explaining what happened.
  • For the 31st of May, we invite captains and navigators specifically, so we put a new impulse into this system.


Paul proposes to have a form on the website to collect all the information needed for this website. Need email adress of all candidates, make sure there's a distinction between active and passive (silent) candidates. -> Jonas will help