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Coreteam/Meeting/20 04 2014

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Coreteam Meeting
Workgroup Coreteam
Date Sun 20 April 2014
Time 2:30pm
Venue Brussels Office
Rue Gérard 47A
1040 Etterbeek
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Important: We can save a lot of time during the meetings by discussing about complicated topics beforehands. The discussion pad is open. You can also add points and links to the agenda.

  • Decisions
    • We need to clarify the election page. Who? Where? How?
    • What address do we use for international contacts, and who can receive the mails?
      • Proposal (Vincent):, all coreteam members+international squad should be members.
      • Proposal (Jonas): a lot of bullshit comes through on this address, I would propose not all coreteam members need to receive this.
        • (Vincent) I can agree on this but that means we need to formalize the International Squad, in order to give the possibility to every volunteer to understand, join and participate.
    • Finance:
      • Appointing budget per list
      • Investment of which budget in general campaigning material
      • Which designs do we order?
    • Coordination
      • We have an GA protocol to run for the 31st of May. Next GA (in August) will have a crucial importance for the future orientation of PPBE.
      • What can we do to reinforce cooperation between crews?
        • Press event in Brussels?

  • Reporting
    • JournalDeBord Squad
    • Finance Squad
    • Webshop progress? (Since Koen is now coordinating PPI)
    • Press presence:
      • New squad: Débats Télévisés (fr), including Debat_Tv/Controverse_140413
      • Press coordination is still a mess in the french speaking part: The first people who answers to an email solliciation takes the interview. Paul and Marouan are in competition on this topic with destructive effect on our cohesion.

  • todo
    • Signatures dispatching. Everybody bring your signatures for other people!
  • Consistency
    • A few squads don't follow the article 56 of the statutes with a negative impact on the transparency of their work. As a consequence, it's difficult to participate to their meetings or understand their decisions. We should:
      • Spend some time to help them to report their work. (WikiSquad seems to be an interesting choice to do this job)
      • Remind everyone why reporting is important in a party promoting transparency in politics. (Coreteam's job)
      • Clarify the article 56 via an amendment. (Resquad_project has been created for this purpose)
      • Wonder if an electoral campaign is an acceptable reason to bypass this rule. (Everyone's job)