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Coreteam Meeting Toicon-icon-avocado-discuss.svg
Workgroup Coreteam
Date Sun 15 June 2014
Time 2:30pm
Venue Brussels Office
Rue Gérard 47A
1040 Etterbeek
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Important: We can save a lot of time during the meetings by discussing about complicated topics beforehands. The discussion pad is open. You can also add points and links by editing this agenda.


  • Reporting of piratelab
    • Some pirates volunteered to fix the website, who does what?
      • This is a misunderstanding. No volunteers to fix the website, but we'll organize such that we might find more volunteers.
  • New crews: Tournai has scheduled a meeting on the 14th => meeting page
  • What's up with PPI and PPEU?


  • General Assembly
    • Who does what?
    • The role of Get op,does every proposal have to be copied to getop for discussion?
    • Next event, do we do something for the next deadline (4th of July)
  • Websites
    • Thank Cherry Pulp for the good work, official communication from the coreteam
    • Clean up the mess, we have 4 different websites, need to reduce this number. People have volunteered to work on websites during piratelab, what websites?
  • Newsletters
    • Patrick and Vincent volunteered to write the newsletter, what's the framework?
  • Post-election Finances
    • Approve and refund the costs made for the elections
  • PPI delegation
    • Kjell wants to propose his candidacy as delegate for PPI.(was unable to do so previous meeting due to sickness)


  • The future of the coreteam
    • We are post-elections. Time for the coreteam to do some scrutinizing of their own functioning the past 1.5 years
      • Do we want to keep organizing the coreteam this way?
      • Do we want to go bigger or smaller?


  • Video of Sarah presenting the results of the coreteam meeting
  • Redaction of the newsletter


Link to the newsletter: (not finished)


Present coreteam: Vincent, Kjell, Manu, Jonas, Sarah, Thomas Guests: Fred, Valérie, Alexis, Werner


Tournai Vincent was there the 14th. They're motivated. Paul Bossu was there too. They want to change the management in the city, bringing transparency in the city and focusing on local production. Namur, Alost are also trying to found new crews.

Pirate Lab

A list has been written about 30 things needed to be fixed with Jonas and David K. We're looking for volunteers. The list: We should to it more often. It was really motivating, but we need some following up. Maybe on a two-months basis ?


PPAU feels like PPI is really european centered.


Paul thinks PPEU is not really useful for the moment. The initial objective of ppeu need to be rethink.. may be ppbelgium can make proposal for the bext council whre our two delegates wilL represent us ... people here don't agree. Nobody in Sweden : what will happen ? Should we be involved in actions in Brussels, since we're in the core of Europe ? We surely have to be in touch with Julia (?), the German pirate deputee.

  • We have to ask her what she wants to do, first.
  • About contacting her, it's sure we have to do it.

(There are three jobs linked to the European Parliament. Are some people applying for it ?) (A lot of people didn't hear about it.)

The question is : are we contacting Julia via Thomas in the name of the Coreteam (if so, we have to vote it now) or should he do it in his proper name ? For PPBE, it's interesting to have contact with EU parliament. We could have non-official pirates into projects. Decision: unanimously agreed to allow Thomas to reach out in the name of the Belgian PP to talk to Julia on how we could help. Any concrete proposal will be reported and (if necessary) voted on. Mab is doing the junction .. the jib descriptiin for tjhe julua office are on julia website ... with kassh we have meet Mab last week ... location rue gerard finish in december and we want to find a empty soace and make a "cintrat d iccupatiin precaire" in pmace If renting a new office to a private owner

  • Discussion

PPI delegation Kjell is candidate for being delegate. Koen is co-chairman for the moment but we don't have enough of information from him. Vincent wants information back from them. What about the motivation of Paul ? Kash is candidate and i wull help him ...Nobody knows.

General Assembly

What kind of decision can we take about the kind of situation when people are going on their own ? Parallel meeting for working about the improvement of rules concering the Coreteam : This meeting will talk about the future of Coreteam (see Discussion).

GetOp :

Vincent : proposing to use this website as a centralized tool : from mail, wiki, and others to GetOp. If it's on GetOp, it will be proposed at the GA.

  • GetOp needs to be further developed before.
  • Vincent is asking how he should write the mail to the members concerning the GA's proposals (by which means) ?

Voting: General Assembly =>

  • The proposal can be sent :
  • by email to :
  • On a wiki page communicated by the coreteam
  • On Get Op :
  • Unanimously decided: The coreteam takes responsibility for writing a copy of every proposal to Get Op and use it a a centralization tool.
  • We have to be REALLY clear about the fact that GetOp is NOT a decisional tool but only a centralization tool.
  • There will be specific labels to identify GA proposals (as compared to other things on GetOp). The link to this label can be communicated clearly, so people don't confuse the front page for the official list:
  • Subject will be: "Practical and structural proposals to improve the functioning of the Pirate Party in the coming years, based on the experiences of the past years." => We could suggest that people write why something needs to change or talk about experiences that prompted the proposals.
  • Unanimous decision regarding: coreteam renewal
  • Up for reelection: everyone except Thomas, Kjell, Nikki (article 67): Patrick, Sarah, Jonas, Marouan, Paul, Vincent, Emmanuel, Kash, Koen, Tom
  • Every coreteam member will be invited to write about their experience in the coreteam (what you did, what you plan to do) => the results will be published before the GA (max 1 A4)
  • We include an invitation for people to become a coreteam member, to be included in the official GA communication.

=> Thomas will contact deMarkten for availablity of the zolder for the GA in august

  • (found back from an old pad) :
  • Questions for the new GA:
  • How can we assist and control the work of elected pirates?
  • More general wording : Hoe moet de partij zijn verkozenen begeleiden? - Comment le parti doit-il encadrer ses élus?
  • What is our position towards other parties delegates? They are supposed to represent every citizen thus how can we share ideas with them?
  • I don't get that one. We have ideas, we can share them, no? What kind of answer do you expect?
  • How can we define working groups that will work in a transparent, open and cooperative way?
  • How can we simplify the squads? => work in progress
  • More general wording : Comment améliorer le fonctionnement interne du parti? - Hoe verbeteren we de interne werking van de partij?
  • How can we transfer what we have learned from experience to the new pirates
  • Other wording : How to pass on pirate knowledge to new members?


We should contact Marouan for transferring the ownership of Who's in charge of this ? Decided: Thomas will do it in the name of the Coreteam.

Cherry Pulp will be officially thanked, we'll use this opportunity to talk with them about the future of our collaboration (officially from the coreteam meeting).

Do you want contact of cherRy pulp (paul live from gravensteen) cherry pulp has fist objctive to make us a new website . Jonas is in contact met daniel .. its just because of marouan tHat they just do a site for bxl (FALSE : it was according him and Yann-Pierre ---> informez vous
Ok guys can we just stick to the decisions and future projectsWe obviously need to thank them. And we also need to know what they want to do with us in the future. Can I plase have their contact info?
I'll  contact them (VIncent) can you gimme their coordinates?

We will have a official section in the next coreteam meeting (which will start an hour earlier) to discuss and decide the website strategy.+1 paul

People have volunteered to work on websites during piratelab, what websites ? Drupal one,,, wiki + others.

Post-election finances

Check Brabant Wallon? Antwerp is ok. Ghent is ready to submit. Brussels is ok.

Election candidates have to submit finance papers before the 10th of july!

Leuven => 270 € approved

Antwerp => 604 € (including 2x270€ for Antwerp and 64 € for Limburg) approved

Brabant-Wallon => 126,81 € approved

Brussels => 236,37 €

Hainaut, Brabant Wallon and Liège (Noemi) => 465,80 € approved when the paperwork is completed

Unanimously approved to delegate further responsibilty over the reimbursements to Jonas.

PPI delegation

Unanimous vote to designate Kjell as a delegate.


Vincent is emailing Brussels and Wallonia to invite people to the coreteam meeting. More people are needed (partly because the process is fairly heavy), also for translation. Proposal to move to Drupal as a sending platform instead of Mailchimp. => will be discussed next meeting


New informal rule: Threatening to quit the party during the coreteam meeting to get something you want (or block something you don't want) will result in you having to buy a beer for everyone in the coreteam. ??


people are doing opposite things in different places. This has to be fixed. ??

Later on the agenda

- guy dismissed in Gent ??