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Coreteam Meeting Toicon-icon-avocado-discuss.svg
Workgroup Coreteam
Date Sun 16 March 2014
Time 2:30pm
Venue Brussels Office
Rue Gérard 47A
1040 Etterbeek
Attendees Marouan, Patrick. Vincent, Koen, Kjell, Jonas, Thomas, Manu, Paul, Kash
Absentees Sarah
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The election will take the biggest part of this meeting. If you wan to share documents with other coreteams members, please send a link to it on the agenda. We won't have the time to read big documents during the meeting.

  • Decisions
    • Approve report from last meeting
    • Approve the new schedule of Coreteam's meetings: 3rd Sunday of each month, from 14.30 to 16.30.
  • Reporting
    • status on finance
      • monthly income went from 150€ in the month before the new system, to €350 in the month after.
      • Reimbursements. (2x Jonas: €120 for server @infomaniak + €110 for flyers)
      • reimbursement of the new server @Hetzner: 8*€60 - €60 = €400
    • Status updates on IT, elections, GA, etc.
      • Signatures of citizen
      • Signatures of Federal Deputy NL & FR ?
      • debriefing of the meeting with professionnals of of communication (Cherry Pulp + Bxl fleet)
      • Debriefing of press contacts (Jonas, Marouan, ...)
  • TODO
    • Exchange of the collected signatures to people of the corresponding provinces.
    • What to do with (regular) coreteam absence?
  • Projects & Dispatching
    • Structural changes: Press management, new member management, squads management
    • Communication: redaction of a Quicknews
    • European Pirate founding conference friday 21 march
    • (To be dispatched to a squad) Campaign
      • Possibility of activity with belgian pirates sat22 or sunday 23 @ Byrrh => huge place i've found for YPE and to do their conference ... (private party saturday evening with young pirates?)
      • What places should we focus on?
      • National posters and flyers where crew have officially a list ?
    • (To be dispatched to a squad) After the elections: Organize a content oriented event on the 31st of May according to last meeting's decision.
      • This event would be the start of our next GA's procedure, according to the protocol we have voted in our last GA.
      • The coreteam's role would consist in giving logistic support to the piratelab squad (still need the squad confirmation)
      • Will Internos be available at this date?
    • (To be dispatched to a squad) After the election: watch our representatives. Wheter or not they 've been elected via the pirateparty, they are supposed to represent us, therefore they have to report to us.
      • Shall we launch a "pirate your delegates" campaign in June?
    • Presentation of asbl/vzw "We Citizen - Wij Burgers - Nous Citoyens" (external project) by Paul.


Present at the start (2.30 pm): Maruoan, Patrick. Vincent, Koen, Kjell, Jonas, Thomas, Manu, Paul, Kash Excused: Sarah No communication: Nicky

First order of business: exchange of signatures to different provinces.

Report from last meeting is approved.

New coreteam meeting schedule is approved by majority vote. In favor:9 Absention: 1 Not there: 2

Status updates


  • Our monthly income has increased from 150 € tot 350 €. This appears to be a rise, resulting from the reminder emails.

Vote: reimbursement for Jonas' expenses (flyers and server). Unanimously approved. Regular payment is approved for server payments. Jonas will set this up through some kind of system (through his credit card or directly).

Finances: example of the pvda that has 7500 members and collected 300.000€ in one year (40 € pp) => We average 11,8 € per payment (in 2012) to be member of PVBA you need to pay at least 20 or 30 be member of pirate it's 1€

We need to make clear what's done with the money then we can ask for support on concrete projects. No contestation of the fact that we have insuficient funds.

2012 stats: average of 11,80€ per payment

Jonas will calculate the member average donation (per year).

Paul: we need to use a database that's compliant with more systems (dolibarr of Marouan previously, currently a Django system built by Jonas "the Finance System/TFS", we have problems to export data)

Marouan leaves the meeting after 30 minutes.

Kash is working on a form for new membership.

IT Shitty as usual. Vincent is reorganizing the squads. Decision: there is a request to delete a user's personnal data on a pad's history In the most recent case, we vote for deletion as poersonal data is exposed We are deleting the data as requested because it's consistent with our values about privacy. Each future request will be discussed on a case by case basis, so there are no specific rules (yet).

Paul has some frustrations in working with the website (editing, chaotic/outdated pages, etc). Focus only on the Dutch and French? Jonas: He does a lot of things only in English to avoid doing things double. Paul: Press pages need to be updated urgently. Jonas: Can do this page (press) specifically.

Patrick: is trying to get more attention to the website for wallonia elections. It's working nicely (a dokuwiki).

Elections Kjell: Still missing 1 or 2 signatures from representatives. This will be relatively difficult. Jonas: JDD might be an option? Kjell: This might not be possible for technical reasons, to be verified. Paul: No positive reactions from political parties (or no reaction at all). Perhaps it works through Amelia? Invite them to the upcoming conference? We could invite elected people on the 21st event

Kjell: if we don't have the official signatures, we are not going to attain the 5000 signatures needed (currently at 2000 for Europe). We only have 2 more weeks.

We need to fine tune the communication about signatures deadlines, some people think we have only 2 weeks to collect all 20.000 signatures Jonas & Kjell: we still need quite a lot of signatures per province. Kash: split up the votes in European/Regional/Federal on the signature websites? Vincent backs this up. Vincent: write a wiki page and article Paul: Cherry Pulp (a website company company) suggested (local) physical addresses to send signature forms to. Kash will circulate a form for it.

GA Where is the 31st of May meeting going to happen. In Brussels. Paul will look for locations.

Situation with press

Paul: Maruoan stated that he was personally invited to RTBF. A preparatory meeting didn't help, as Marrr did not adhere to any suggestions. There was no debriefing. Subsequently there was a similar situation with "L'Echo". Patrick: It's frustrating to find out things through the press, not directly. It is the responsabilty of the person who have contact with the press to inform the member at the same time of the public. Jonas: Because of the speed of the press, it's not possible to keep everyone in line. Paul: We need a good link, one person cannot do everything. That's why we need(ed) a second person. Kash: We should work on a specific protocol. Thomas : we need to discuss it outside of the coreteam

Thomas : The only thing we can realistically do is to change who receives email. Kash: Maruoan is the only one who can write articles at the moment.

Koen : we should send him an email first to let him explain himself. Thomas : we could ask him not to reply to press before an agreement is reached in the press squad => we're going to warn him : cut off access to press emails if

We need to send an email to marouan saying there is obvious problems with press management, we need you to sit together with the press squad and wlork out a constructive solution. If no agreement is reached, his email address will be unvalid decision : made without hearing me (Please note: this pad is not a good place to make additional comments after the meeting has already ended.)(Besides, you can't deliberately leave a meeting knowing that the topic would be discussed, and complain of the fact that you weren't there afterwards. We had to decide to organize this press squad meeting because we can't hear someone who isn't there.) Voted 8 in favor, 1 abstention.

Structural proposal (from Vincent) This is essentially a re-ordering and cleanup of the squad system. Vincent will work on this.

8 in favor, 1 abstention

New member management Jonas: Not every new member gets a reply. Paul: We could use a pre-defined message. Kjell wants to contact people for Flanders. Kash for French speakers. Subject to be discussed after the meeting.

Quick news =>

Vincent: We are neglecting this part. Paul: Normally we were doing it at the coreteam meeting. We need to write it together. We can do this after the meeting. Patrick: Wants to try to make a weekly communication. This fits with things Patrick is already doing already.

Quick news squad: Vincent, Patrick, Koen. Writing to be done before the coreteam meeting.

EU conference ... Jan Louzek Who do what from the belgian Pirate Party. When where is a meeting point for belgians ? Link to the procedure to register. Send an email to with as subjet to , you "national number"

Campaign financing

Probably 2000 €

Decision: We will decide the total available budget on the 20th of April (next meeting). This amount will automatically be divided by the number of lists actively participating in the election. The people involved in those specific lists can spend their budget as they like (only for election related expenses), as long as there are invoices.

Wij Burgers Paul encourages people to take part in This can be done individually. He will send people the way to participate. Unanimously endorsed.