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Coreteam Meeting Toicon-icon-avocado-discuss.svg
Workgroup Coreteam
Date Sun 16 February 2014
Time 3:00pm
Venue Brussels Office
Rue Gérard 47A
1040 Etterbeek
Attendees Vincent L., Koen, Thomas, Manu, Kjell, Jonas, Kash, Paul, Patrick
Absentees Sarah, Marouan, Kenny
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The main goal of this meeting is to go back home with the information we came for.

At the end, everyone should have a clear idea of what's expected from them and the urgent decisions should be made.

  • Icebreaking
    • Goal : Get to know everyone's expectations
    • Presentation of all the members: Who am I? why do I believe in the pirate project? What am I willing to work on?
  • Overview
    • Goal : Get a clear understanding of coreteam's current organizational state
    • How things got organized up until now : structures, functions, meetings.
    • Who has access to what : bank accounts, member database, servers, Mailchimp, merchandise.
  • Objectives
    • Goal : Get a good understanding of coreteam's purpose. What are we trying to achieve?'
    • Brainstorming : What would be the best outcome of the coreteam activities? Where are we trying to go? How is this different from the overall party objectives?
  • Tasks
    • Goal : Get a clear understanding of what the coreteam should be doing
    • A quick overview of the official functions as determined by the statutes.
    • Brainstorming :Find concrete examples when the coreteam is most needed.
  • Dispatching (this can serve as a reference, in accordance to our statutes)
    • Goal : Determine everyone's role
    • Should everybody have a fixed function?
    • Should everyone get involved in any of those tasks?
    • Is it up to us to decide what tasks to pick up, when we feel like to?
  • Meetings
    • Goal : Decide on meeting practices
    • What's the point of coreteam meetings? Take decisions? Work on tasks?
    • When should a meeting be hold?
    • Decide on internal rules : agenda, leader, minutes, time-keeper, todo-list...

If time allows, those points should be treated as well (if time does not allow, the outcome of the first part should hopefully help us getting those things done efficiently in the near future) :

  • PPEU
  • GA
    • Feedback from January
    • Plan for April (or June?)
  • Elections
    • What's going on in the different crews and squads?
    • Does somebody need help?


On Februari 16th, the PP-BE coreteam had their first meeting after the 2014 GA.

Present from the start: Vincent, Koen, Thomas, Manu, Kjell, Jonas
Present, but late: Kash, Paul, Patrick
Excused: Sarah
Unclear status, not present: Marouan, Kenny/Nicky (?)

Agreement on proceedings

After some confusion as to who would show up, a short discussion was held on the agenda of the meeting. On the one hand there was a desire from some members to discuss urgent (deadline driven) topics. On the other hand, there was - especially amongst the newer coreteam members - a need to get oriented and to discuss the general challenges of the coreteam. It was agreed upon to have a time-limited discussion on the orientation and organisation of the coreteam and to make sure we had enough time left in the end for the urgent topics. (Note: this approach was successful, so we managed to cover everything on the agenda to a generally satisfactory degree.)

Coreteam mission & operation

Some immediate concerns consisted of:

  • A frustration with tasks not being executed by the coreteam members that volunteered for them.
  • A lot of confusion on which (communication) tools are being used for what. There was a general consensus that this needed to be cleared up.

After this, the coreteam listed what they believed was expected of the coreteam:

  • Vincent: The coreteam should answers pirates questions and needs and has been asked to provide guidelines. Give a starting impulse to projects (squads) and watch their needs. For example: German pirates are making templates for everything
  • Jonas: The coreteam works from the subsidiary principle (do everything that cannot be done locally), coordinates the party as a whole, organises the eGA and organises electoral campaigns.
  • Koen: It's been voted what the coreteam needs to do (note: there was general confusion on where this information could be found), it also decides on PPeu sstuff
  • Kjell: The coreteam should do communication, by informin people about what is going on in the party. It is not about taking decisions, but to coordinate.
  • Manu: It is a coordination group, some practical things should be done outside of the coreteam.
  • Thomas: The coreteam is also about showing an example to the party, to inspire and to do people management.

After this, there was a productive discussion about what is possible to do inside the coreteam (meetings) and what should be done outside of it. This brought us to our first formal decision:

Decision about coreteam meetings
The coreteam will hold monthly meetings. The two main purposes of the meeting will be to compile an overview of everything that is happening in the PP-BE and in the small coreteam-squads and - if necessary - vote on what needs to be voted. We will strive to keep actual work and discussions outside of the coreteam meetings.

Kash joined the meeting at this time.

Function distribution

We subsequently discussed who is generally doing what, in accordance with our statutes where the coreteam is described as function-oriented:

  • Jonas: Finances, IT
  • Koen: International, wants to re-do the webshop
  • Kjell: Respond to contact emails, getting people in touch with each other, EU elections
  • Manu: Keep working on the wiki
  • Thomas: Clean-up some external communication channels and help structure internal communications, press contact
  • Kash: Community management (integration), help new crews, help with the documentation and tutorials, press contact FR, International, Event, External Relations
  • Vincent: Internal communication and reporting, wiki

Note: as the coreteam was far from complete, so is the above list.

Patrick joined the meeting at this time.


This concluded the first part of the coreteam meeting. The second part was dedicated to discussing urgent decisions, most of which had to do with the PP EU which is currently in its founding stages. For this occasion, the Belgian Pirate Party was asked to nominate two official delegates. The coreteam also had the opportunity to nominate various people for the PP EU board, both inside and outside the Belgian Pirate Party.

There were three candidates to be the PP BE delegates for the EU: Paul, Kash and Koen. After a long and at times very difficult discussion, the coreteam voted.

Decision regarding PP EU delegation
Paul and Kash have been assigned as official delegates of the Pirate Party Belgium to the Pirate Party Europe
Paul was nominated as candidate for the board

Paul joined the meeting at this time.

Special appendix

There was also the opportunity to nominate candidates to the PP EU board. However, because this was not very well prepared and because of late arrivals, this was handled in a fragmentary way (both during and - online - after the coreteam meeting). It is added here to make the report complete.

Decision regarding PP EU board nominations
Martina Pöser and Maxime Rouquet were nominated by general consensus at the coreteam meeting
Amelia Andersdotter and Gilles Bordelais were nominated through online voting

Upcoming GA

The coreteam subsequently discussed the next GA. Feedback from last time included:

  • There needs to be a clear agenda, content preparation can be improved.
  • The coreteam should follow the officially accepted GA protocol
  • The GA organisation should start way earlier
  • Is it possible to fix the language problem? Note: there was no consensus on how this could be done.
  • The best success is when there are preparation meetings.

There was some discussion in regards to timing and possible content. It was pointed out that the Pirate lab was planning a content-oriented event end of May as well.

Decisions regarding GA
We hope to organise a content oriented meeting on the 31st of May. Contact will be made with the Pirate lab to coordinate efforts.
The next General assembly will be held on the 9th of August 2014.

Upcoming elections

A quick update/overview was given on the status of the upcoming regional, federal and European elections: