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Pirate Lab June 2019 Toicon-icon-avocado-discuss.svg
Workgroup Pirate Lab
Defining the values of PPBe
Mastodon's Code of Conduct
Date Sat 29 June 2019
Time 2:00pm
Venue Expression
Koning Albertplein 14
2800 Mechelen
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Pirate Lab June 2019

About this meeting

Meetings are open to everyone! You don't need to be a member to come here!
Pirate Labs can be seen as incubators for pirate projects. This is the perfect place for people to propose their ideas and to launch new projects.

If you have any ideas of projects, or want to help other projects, please do come!

We will use the meeting guidelines proposed by the internal democracy group. Please have a look at them before coming to the lab :)

Languages: English, français, nederlands

To-do list

  1. Define venue
  2. Confirm venue
  3. Create facebook event (then destroy facebook)


Lab starts at 2 pm. For those who want to lunch together before the lab, they can coordinate on the following pad:


Suggestions for the agenda happen on this pad as well. We strongly advise you to read the pad before coming to this lab!


First round  : Values

Discussion about the values (Freedom + Cooperation + Trust + General interest = 4 values on our website's frontpage). The values are quite vague, what do they actually mean? What kind of freedom? Free will... freedom only if it is real freedom? Could we be more specific? See also definition on La Toupie (in French). Privacy is also essential, people change their behaviour once they feel they can be under surveillance.

Second round : splitting into subgroups

Subgroup 1 : Code of Conduct

Draft is on the pad : https://pad.pirateparty.be/p/mastodon-welcome

Call for feedback on Mastodon

Subgroup 2 : How to organize informal events

The discussion actually centered mostly around Pirate Drinks.

There are 2 objectives for these events :

  • provide an opportunity to non-pirates to meet us
  • have a nice informal moment between Pirates

For the Pirate Drinks, it seems the first objective is more important.

Different ideas came out :

  • We (HgO) should add on the Pirate Drink events template on the wiki that it's a meeting between Pirates and non-Pirates, not a speech/conference/exposé from Pirate Party.
  • To lower the expectation and to avoid misunderstandings, we should warn (in the invitation/event description) that it's quite intimate/small/personal meeting, not a big meeting with lots of people.
  • We must pay attention to make clear where the meeting actually takes place. If it's in a bar, have a flag or rollup and/or warn the bar workers where the Pirate meeting happens). This should also be added on the wiki (HgO)
  • At the end of the meeting, we should offer a flyer containing basic information (contact, website, maybe more). Examples already exist on our Flyers' page. You can also write/print the info on paper and cut it in small pieces. It doesn't have to be fancy, it needs to be practical.
  • We could have guidelines for organizing informal moments (like we have for formal moments already)
  • Should we invest in large display (flags, rollups...)? It seems more suited for bigger events.


Roundtable where everyone says how they feel, what should be improved and what went fine.

  • Ilja : Clarification during roundtable is interesting. Without having a debate a counterproposal/new proposal based on the understanding can already be given. The "no discussion" is too strict imo. Closing of subgroups isn't always needed imo.
  • HgO: Beginning of the meeting was a bit messy because we where only three in the beginning and couldn't split. We tried to discuss about where to go (which topic to discuss). Proposition for the guidelines: Make explicit that a subgroup of one is possible.
  • JF: Happy about the meeting, even though we're a small group. Feels that it does show that we work well in small group. Proposition for the guidelines: In beginning we where three and we discussed what's most important. I think this is an interesting discussion. Maybe three is a special case and should be added to the guidelines? Anyone should always be able to not participate in the subgroup, but rather avoid splitting a group of three. We began to talk about moderation, but someone wasn't present so we postponed <- this is a good decision
  • Renaud: Feel good about meeting, we've been productive. Feels the beginning was indeed chaotic. Don't think we moved forward with the values, which is problematic. Also, good vibes during the whole meeting.

Next Lab : Braine-l'Alleud on 27/07