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Welcome! Welkom! Bienvenue! Wilkommen! to the Pirate Party Belgium Wiki
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Om deze website in het nederlands te bekijken klik hier, pour voir ce website en Français, cliquez ici.

This wiki is predominantly for the use of the members of the Pirate Party Belgium, its main intention and reason is for the internal development of policy and other collaborative projects as well as serving as an information repository for some of the most often referred to information sources. The main site will still serve as the only official point for the distribution of party information, campaigning materials and messages. We are currently combatting spam, but everyone can still lend a hand and edit an article. You don't need to register. Please register an account if you are interested and doing some hard work. You can track changes to this wiki via this link.

Who Are We?

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Pirate Party Belgium uses an original structure of crews. Every crew consists out of 3 to 11 members. An optimum is 7 members. A logical consequence is that towns and cities can have several crews. Every crew has a name and acts in its own ways. Every crew has a captain, a navigator and an optional treasurer.

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