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[To be completed. :) ]

Workgroups are project groups with an undefined (infinite) time scope. Please feel free to volunteer.

IT squad

The IT Squad works on all technical IT matters (install, config, dev, ...).

contact: <email></email>

Receiver: 317070 (Crew Ghent)


The WebSquad works on all issues related to the Pirate Party web presence (websites, features, issues, design, writings, publishing, ...)

contact: <email></email>

Receiver: Mimor (Crew Ghent)

PR/Press workgroup

The PR/Press workgroup works on all public relations and press related topics

contact: <email></email>

Social Media workgroup

The Social Media workgroup works on all social media related topics

contact: <email></email>

Social & Economics Squad

A squad that shall work on more substantial issues regarding which possible social and economic policies Pirates could adopt.


Translation workgroup

Design workgroup

Audio/Video/Photo workgroup