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Mastodon upgrade and Mails structure Toicon-icon-avocado-discuss.svg
Workgroup ITSquad
Date Wed 1 November 2017
Time 10:00am
Venue tierce's place
30 rue Achille Bauduin
1300 Limal
Attendees Tierce, HgO, Ilja, Fred
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Train : station Limal (from Ottignies or Leuven)

Car : E411 near Wavre

Starting from 10am, and as long as we want.


The main purpose of this ITSquad meeting is to upgrade Mastodon to v2.0. If people are motivated, we could also work on the e-mail structure (see this loomio thread)

And as a reminder of a previous lab a Mindmap :


This pad contains all the information about our mastodon instance :

And this pad contains information about our attempt to install our own mail server :

Finally, this pad contains general information about IT stuff :

Why not hosting «crews» or «squads» by themselves and «offer support» by the it-squad :