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Council of the Delegates

Decision making in a decentralized organization

Main idea : Delegates & Council

Representation sucks since it's not possible to be sure a representative will take the decision the people s.he represents want.

So instead let's use a system based on delegation.

Key elements :

  • The Delegates are Crew members chosen to relay the decisions of their Crew to the Council.
  • The Council is constitutes by Reprsentatives of the coreteam and every operational squad and one Delegate for each Crews.
  • The Reprsentatives aren't participating in the decision making but prepare the decision to be made and play the role of expert to inform the Delegates.

How does it work :

  1. Crews send a delegate (the captain or navigator for example) to an assembly called the Council.
  2. Also at the Council are representatives of the Coreteam and Operationnal Squads.
  3. The Council submits things to decide to the Delegates, but no decision is made yet.
  4. The Delegates report the questions to their crew for discussion.
  5. At the next meeting of the Council, the Delegates comes with the decision of their Crew.
  6. Decision are then taken at unanimity (or another rule for voting).

Crews are free to organize their discussion and decision making the way they want, but consensus is better.

Since the decision are made within the crews, this is not a representative system.


The decision to be made can be sent to the Crews before the Council so the discussion can occur before and the decision made at the next Council. This is important especially for urgent decision.

Frequency of Council meetings

The Council should meet once a month.

Possible implementations

  • Council of the Captains : the delegats are the Captains of the Crews
  • Council of the Navigators : the delegates are the Navigators of the Crews
  • Council of the Delegates : the delegates are any member of the Crew chosen by the Crew members. In addition, the Delegate of a Crew could be chenged on a regular basis...

Other considerations

Delegates versus Representatives

  • Representatives are chosen by a group of people to represent them in a comity and to make decisions in their name
  • Delegates are chosen by a group of people to relay their decisions to a comity. They do not make decision in the name of the group.

How the Delegates are chosen by their Crew

There are many possible thechniques :

  • Unanimity : every member of the Crew must agree on the chosen delegate
  • Drawing : the delegate is randomly chosen
  • Election : the delegate is chosen using a voting system
  • ...

Or any combination of those techniques.

In addition, the Delegate can be chosen :

  • From a list of candidates
  • From the whole list of the members of the group
  • Based on a job description
  • ...

Or any combination.

The most "democratic" methods are probably :

  • Unanimously chosen from a list of Candidates
  • Drawing from the list of all Crew members