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Welcome to the page of the project Statutes Online

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A platform to view and manage statutes online

Roadmap Meetings
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Workgroup GA Squad
Start date Fri 13 March 2015
Contact GASquad
Fred M.
Status Done


The goal of this project is to provide an online solution to browse our statutes and, later, to manage them online.

The idea is :

  • Translate the Statutes to Markdown file format
  • Put them on Github
  • Create a web site to view/change them


Current status of the project

At this time, this project is a "rogue" project I started on my own to solve the longing issue of the management of the statutes. This project will be submited to the approval first of the GA Squad and the coreteam, then to the whole Pirates GA when ready.

Github Repositories

Project pad

Direct link to the pad :