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Welcome to the page of the Pirate Manifesto


Pirate Manifesto

Roadmap Subjects
Pirate Manifesto Toicon-icon-avocado-build.svg
Start date Sat 25 April 2015
Contact damiens.robert(@gmail).com (delete ( ) in the address)
Status Abandoned


During the Pirate Lab of the 25th April Pirate Lab/April2015, it was decided to start working on a Pirate Manifesto. Pirate members chose several subject that need to be covered in the manifesto.


This document is the place where the documents and the work for this manifesto will be centralized.

Anyone can give input through the pirate pads linked with the Subjects below. This way we can build the manifesto in a cooperative and organic way. Feel free to contribute, let's inspire each other!

More recently we started to work through a form with questions to be filled in created by the pirate manifesto workgroup. Here are the answers and follow-up


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  • Xavier S
  • Friso C
  • Hadrien
  • Alexis
  • Damiens R
  • Sarah V
  • Tom
  • Tim
  • Mattias
  • Mario
  • Frederic M




Existing material

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