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Pirate Lab October 2016 Toicon-icon-avocado-discuss.svg
Workgroup Pirate Lab
Date Sat 29 October 2016
Time 1:00pm
Venue Expression
Koning Albertplein 14
2800 Mechelen
Attendees HgO, Fred, Valerie, Ilja, tierce, Willem, Veerle (later), Joris (later)
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Discussion pad

Direct link: https://pad.pirateparty.be/p/Piratelab2016-October (pad were down just before the meeting)

Direct link: https://mypads.framapad.org/p/pirate-lab-october-2016-ye4n79w




Press Release??? (draft)

Press Release Iceland + new website

(Note: French version not yet updated to sync with my rewrite of the Dutch text --David (talk) 22:49, 28 October 2016 (CEST))

Cela n'a pas échappé au Parti Pirate belge que nos collègues islandais ne le font pas mal du tout dans les polls pour les élections. Et ce n'est pas parce qu'on n'a pas encore gagné des élections en Belgique ou qu'on n'est loin des élections ici, que ce n'est pas important de construire à notre mouvement et parti et de suivre nos collègues islandais. Le Parti Pirate veut mettre au clair que des alternatives sont possibles et cela rend toujours intéressant de suivre les autres Pirates dans le monde. C'est pourquoi que tous les partis et mouvements de beaucoup de pays dans le monde vont suivre les élections ensemble par streaming. Ceci ne sera pas différent pour nous.

Le Parti Pirate est actif dans des villes différentes (Gand, Malines, Louvain-la-Neuve, Bruxelles,...) et au niveau national belge. Là, on essaie de supporter les villes avec entre autres un nouvel asbl administratif et un nouveau site web moderne sur https://fr.pirateparty.be. Avec ce dernier, on clarifie les alternatives auxquelles nous croyons, et devrait simplifier la manière de se mettre en contact avec nous ou de s'engager. Il y a aussi un premier article sur quelqu'un d'entre nous qui a connu les Pirates islandais de près.

De IJslandse Piratenpartij scoort zeer goed in de polls voor de parlementsverkiezingen op 29 oktober. Dit is de Belgische Piratenpartij niet ontgaan. Wijzelf haalden bij vorige verkiezingen nog niet genoeg stemmen om verkozenen te hebben, en de volgende verkiezingen zijn nog veraf. Maar dat is geen reden om de resultaten van onze IJslandse collega's niet op te volgen, in tegendeel. Wij vinden het belangrijk om onze beweging en partij verder uit te bouwen, zowel in België als in het buitenland, en we steunen de IJslandse Piraten dan ook ten volle. De Piratenpartij wil immers duidelijk maken dat een alternatief mogelijk is. Piratenpartijen en -bewegingen over heel de wereld volgen dan ook in spanning de IJslandse verkiezingen. Ook Belgische Piraten zullen op verschillende locaties via streaming de gebeurtenissen live volgen.

De Piratenpartij is actief in heel wat steden (Gent, Mechelen, Louvain-la Neuve, Brussel,...), alsook op het Belgisch niveau. Nationaal willen we de steden actief ondersteunen met o.a. een nieuwe, administratieve vzw en een nieuwe, moderne website op https://nl.pirateparty.be. Op de website maken we op simpele wijze duidelijk wat de alternatieven zijn waar we voor staan, en het wordt ook eenvoudiger gemaakt om met ons in contact te komen of om zich te engageren. We zullen vanaf nu voortdurend nieuwe inhoud, zoals artikels en aankondigingen van lokale en nationale evenementen, toevoegen aan de vernieuwde website. Een eerste artikel dat je er al kan vinden beschrijft de ervaringen van een Belgische Pirate die de IJslandse Piraten van nabij heeft gekend.


DNS access for tierce

We unanimously agree that we trust tierce to request DNS access to Vincent.

Communication and Squads

Discussing how it was before in communication, for squads and crews. There always have been problems of communication.

Before the election, each squad and crew had their own wiki page and a page/group on the website (with several tools like calendar and mailing list). You can see how it worked on the Operational and Projects sections of the Wiki.

State of the art of internal communication in the Pirate Party before and after the election (2012-2013) :

  • wiki, mailing list (parley), but lots of issues (over-communication, spam, difficult to know what other crews were doing, etc.)

How to do this with the new site ?

  • Loomio: not clear if something is coming out of it
  • Wiki Page for squads : OK
  • Discussion page to communicate with a squad ?
    • How to get into communication with a squad ? (we will not be able to give an email address to each squad because it is too expensive)
  • Use Loomio groups ?
  • Every Wiki Page has a Talk page attached which could be used

We need a workshop to learn how to use the Wiki.

We need a Welcome page for pirates to understand how things work (see Welcome pack section).


We need a good newsletter that says what is happening inside the party. After the elections, a lot of things did happen, but nobody knew about it.

In the website, there is a plugin that schedule a newsletter about things that is put on the website (events on the calendar, articles, etc.).

All this is send to all those who subscribed to the newsletter.

Currently, the registration isn't allowed. We can either import the membership, or keep the list empty and wait for newcomer to register themselve.

Before the new website, there was a good old newsletter sent via mailchimp (but it lasted only two months).

We need to clean up all the official addresses. Tierce is waiting for the DNS "super" access in order to do things with all his superpowers (because he is SuperPirate !)

Welcome pack

We (WikiSquad + Pirates from BW) want to create a squad that will create a Welcome Pack, for new members. This will help for communication within the party.

Entry point could be the Welcome page. (work in progress with a ugly picture on it - but at least free of rights ;-))

Valérie wrote a guide about how to begin in the Pirate Party. This is a personal opinion on how the Party works. It still needs translation in Dutch, and it could be used as a starting point for a real guide.

It will need some visual reprentations of the organisation of the party (Crews, GA...)

To do

  • Prepare welcome page. Valerie can display her "guide" as a starting point. We'll have to work together on this online and at the next lab.
  • Clean-up all the pirateparty email addresses (send ultimatum email) - tierce
  • Push the NL IT team to have quick reactions for input on the new website - Veerle

Direct Democracy

We have to prepare for the elections. Veerle mentions the reference book Flatpack Democracy (pdf available somewhere...). We should also organize a symposium on it asap. We need to gather our energy for this.

We need to organise symposium in a few months, about how to bring more direct democracy for the next elections. Have real debating, within pirates but also with the "experts" who will be invited.

To do

  • create pad (and inform about it) to start gathering ideas on what to do exactly, which persons to contact, ... (Valerie)

Wiki Workshop

Technical-guys-and-gals stuffs

1. Is the wiki on the new server ?

  • Yes -> go to 2
  • No -> Move the wiki to the new server, and go back to 1.

2. Upgrade the wiki. Does it work ?

  • Yes -> go to 3
  • No -> stand down and cry a lot then go back to 2.

3. Install visual editor and go to 4 (if it does not work go to 4 too)

1. Install etherpad on our server

2. Import old piratepad's database (hoping the old pads don't use dirtydb...) and rewrite url pointing to piratepad.be + update plugin config

Content-related stuffs

1. Welcome page and guide for beginners, who wants to work on it

  • Val, fred m, tierce others ?

-> add explaination about why we are using the wiki (see below)

2. Write the Wiki Help (Documentation), who wants to work on it - possibly a screencast

  • HgO, Val, tierce, fred m

3. Template pages for new crews and squads and projects

4. Cleanup the top menu and add a link to the help page

Workshop-related stuffs

1. Workshop to prepare the workshop (aka-The MetaWorkshop) started at 15:15

2. Proposals

  • Reuse CoWoB concept ?
  • Reuse wikipedia workshop by Lionel S. ?

3. How to do that ?

  • Everyone with a laptop ?
  • Need a beamer
  • A manual to learn at home ? --> needed by some, with different "levels"
  • All the information about how to use a wiki is available on wikipedia, youtube, etc.
    • add links to them in our help pages
    • the workshop should provide some human help
    • + if people need help for more advanced things or are lost, they can always ask the wiki squad (check the WikiSquad page on the Wiki)
    • explain why we are using the wiki in the pirate party
    • usage - e.g. Meeting minutes, projects, squads, etc.
    • philosophy - e.g. transparency, history, etc.

4. When ?

  • at the next lab ? -> yes

To Do

  • Tell about the workshop for interested people
  • We need a pad to prepare its organisation

Wrap up

Next lab:

  • When : 26 November 3 December 2016, 1pm
  • Where : Mechelen (wifi: we can use De Prof Terras)

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