Pirate Lab/Meeting/03 12 2016

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Pirate Lab December 2016 Toicon-icon-avocado-discuss.svg
Workgroup Pirate Lab
Date Sat 3 December 2016
Time 1:00pm
Venue Expression
Koning Albertplein 14
2800 Mechelen
Attendees Josse, Jean-François, Vincent, Tim, Willem, Thierry, Lionel, Ilja, Rupert, Hadrien, Fred, Valerie, Damiens
Absentees Veerle
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Discussion pad

Lab starts at 1 pm. Please come on time!

Direct link: https://pad.pirateparty.be/p/Piratelab2016-December



  • Wiki Workshop
  • General Assembly Follow Up
  • Website
    • Contracts informatics -> asbl/vzw : how do we handle this?
    • Twitter: ask Pirates from The Netherlands to retweet our new website
  • Update of Pirate Lab wiki page / setting clear goal for piratelabs
  • Knowledge Base on wiki: an easy way to extract information (interesting links, ...) from Facebook's BPU in a searchable form/non-fb-people?
  • Overview Basic Income initiatives
  • Welcome page : show it and get some people motivated to work on it




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