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Pirate Lab September 2015 Toicon-icon-avocado-discuss.svg
Workgroup Pirate Lab
Date Sat 26 September 2015
Time 1:00pm
Venue Café Europa
Rue des soeurs noires 4
7000 Mons
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Pirate Lab in Mons - September 26th, 2015

On Saturday September 26th, 2015 at Café Europa, Mons

Open at 12am, Lab starts at 1pm.


  • 1) General Assembly
  • 2) Manifesto
  • 3) Symposium



end of January/mid February in Gent

crew Gent is looking for a place to do it (Tuin of Eden)

topics and content: via Loomio 'Pirate Open Assembly'

  • membership administration and welcoming
  • IT and infrastructure: who is maintaining the site? what about mailing lists?
  • general internal workings: structures and how they do relate


difference between program and manifesto:

  • manifesto offers a vision, a dream
  • program offers details

three strategies:

* 1- group/common manifesto = one text for all of us:

    • better for the political party
    • link with tech pirates?
    • good for the outer world, to convince people who don't know the pirates yet
    • singular, clear, convincing
    • difficult to make one common text, process will be messy
    • we have to find a way to provide a text like that
    • Toon and Damiens are working on a singular text: working on technical solution for 'how can we write that manifesto and make it democratically sustained (with ammendments and way to support them) > will take time!!
    • Vincent: how to merge different texts > http://emerge.shoutwiki.com

* 2- compilation of individual manifesto's:

    • better for the movement
    • link with social/relational pirates?
    • a bit messy, not consistent for the outer world
    • good for the internal group: everyone gives input
    • also possible for groups and crews to write their own manifesto
    • put all the manifesto's in a word cloud > see which topics are huge, and which ones are small

* 3- combination of both: the are compatible

    • make sure that both groups are represented (relational and tech)
    • there is a spectrum with black and white, but also grey: there is much more than social pirates and tech pirates (simplification), we have to focus on the common
    • both approaches can be combined: we can start with the individual manifesto's, and keep working on the tool for the central one
    • make a questionnary as a guidline for writing: why are you a pirate?

TO DO LIST !!!!!

  • 1- motivate people to write an individual manifesto (wait a little bit for the questionnary)
  • 2- make a questionnary: gather input for the common manifesto (Toon, Danny, Pascal, Jonas, Josse, Tim) > Toon is taking initiative on the Manifesto Working Group on Facebook
  • 3- tool to make a common manifesto, we have the input already from the questionnary (Toon and Damiens)



1- Is it a pirate event or not?

  • Two kinds of approach for events like this:
    • 'these are subject we as pirates are interested in, and that's why we invited authorities'
    • these speakers are pirates and they speak in our name
      • not all three speakers are 'official pirates', so we chose first approach
  • who is organizing and paying?
    • financial account of Pirate Party Belgium
    • organization by P42 (vzw/asbl linked to Brussels pirate crew)
  • who is our public?
    • pirates and non-pirates

2- How do we fund the event?

  • ask people to pay an entrance fee (idea not supported)
  • put a donation box !!!
  • sell things? pins or buttons?
  • we want to keep it simple
  • if speakers want to sell books:
    • they announce it and organize it themselves

3- How do we promote the event?

  • boost the event by paying on Facebook:
    • the host of the event (Pirate Party Belgium) can boost it
    • ask supporters to boost it (Promote Event)
    • visibility is very low when you don't pay: Facebook is playing trics
  • sharing event on Facebook pages related to basic income (everyone can do this individually)
  • spread it through event websites (mention: 'sponsored by Pirate Party Belgium' instead of 'organized by PP Be)
    • Politics.be, basisinkomen.be, Oikos, ...
  • Twitter? what about the pirate Twitter accounts?
  • flyers?
    • graphic design? (brother of Danny!)
    • flyer in pdf: digital flyers to spread on the internet, people can print it
    • paper prints for universities, student bars, ...

4- Do we stream or film the event?

  • no live streaming, can easily go wrong
  • record and make a promotion film for social media??
    • we need:
      • cameraman and technical crew
      • someone for montage
      • material: good camera + statief

5- How do we welcome new people and keep in touch?

  • information about pirates: flyers
  • mailing lists: gather mail adresses on paper !!!
    • note on mailing lists:
      • can be used to send invitation for the event!!
      • mailing lists should be cleaned up
      • huge work: there is no collection of all addresses in one place, there are many different mailinglists and in there you have all the different addresses
      • we have to get it straight before we start using it again: bad impression
      • avoid massive spam

TO DO LIST !!!!!

  • start marketing and promotion: share the event through Twitter and Facebook (everyone)
  • send event to specialised event websites
  • cleaning up mailing lists? (huge work, will be topic of GA)
  • camera and staief (Pascal and Toon)
  • digital registration form (EventBright?) 'come early, full is full'
  • digital flyer (brother Danny)


direct link to the pad