ITSquad/Meeting/24 01 2013

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Meeting on voting tools Toicon-icon-avocado-discuss.svg
Workgroup ITSquad
Date Thu 24 January 2013
Time 8:00pm
Attendees Jonas, Alexandre, Maël, Koen, Tom, Jeremy, Jens, David
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Lien direct vers le pad de la réunion

Minutes (incomplete)

Documentation (ask access rights to Jeremy)

We have to make the UI more attractive & easy to use --> interesting layout on StackOverflow

We 1st need to think about requirements, take a step back. But the tool should be finished in 5 months (full programme by September) so as to be up to speed for the drafting of the PP-Be manifesto for the 2014 elections

Democratie nu was part of a larger network composed of organisations working on e-voting platforms, list ; one of the most promising initiative also lots of participation on

The tool could serve to vote on texts but also give a 'droit de regard' on the actions of the elected officials. We should define the scope / set of use. We could separate "simple ideas" to actual law texts.

We need a version control ID for text. We could use git as a backup.

We need a clean architecture and/or pointers.

Action : make a spreadsheet with skills of each programers

Programming language : ruby or python.

For now restrict to public voting.