Crew Brussels/Meeting/27 06 2012

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Work meeting + meet 'n greet German Young Pirates Toicon-icon-avocado-discuss.svg
Workgroup Crew Brussels
Date Wed 27 June 2012
Time 7:30pm
Venue Café Bota
Rue Royale 236
1210 Brussels
Attendees Alexandre, Mab, Nino, Clotilde, Pascale, Fabrice, Valérie, Frédéric, Hugo, Xavier, Aurore, Jurgen, Paul, Selim
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  1. Approval of minutes from previous work meeting Brussels_Crew_-_Work_meeting_13/06
  2. Campaign-related items
    1. Feedback from last signature hunt
      1. How to organise / collect
    2. Next event
    3. Update on the programme outline
    4. Update on the dossier for elected officials
    5. Other
  3. Discussion about our communication strategy on social networks
  4. Election of a treasurer (in charge of the soon-to-be-created Brussels account)
  5. Coordination and communication of the local squads (for eg the 1000 Brussels campaign team didn't upload any minutes from its meetings on the wiki)
  6. Misc
    1. Reminder : the internal call to be on a list for the elections is running from now until mid-July


Approval of minutes from Brussels Crew - Work meeting 13/06


Language issues

  • general agreement that everyone should be able to express himself in his language (ie no systematic translation)
  • translation on an ad-hoc basis, whenever someone expresses the need
  • there is already a translation squad set up who can help with this

Campaign-related items

Signature hunt

  • we need to step up our collective commitment if we want to reach our goal
  • everyone should collect signatures in his/her own environment
  • local crews or small groups of people are most welcome to take initiatives
  • the IT student organisation is organising a BBQ on Friday, could be a good place to collect signatures (turned out they refused)

Other campaign items

  • Marouan has flyers in French, will make them publicly available on wiki
  • Benoit is working on setting up the website for the Brussels campaign (on which the programme outline will be put)
  • the programme outline is currently being drafted by the task force and will be released as a public document
  • wider issues around democracy will be discussed in a separate task force

Discussion about our communication strategy on social networks

  • Pascal is the new coordinator / point of contact in the social media Brussels taskforce

Election of a treasurer

  • no candidate --> postponed to next meeting
  • Nino will choose the bank and set up the account with Nofel

Coordination and communication of the local squads

  • every crew should use their ML as the main internal communication tool


  • deadline to approve lists internally pushed to mid-august