Crew Brussels/Meeting/26 06 2012

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Workgroup Crew Brussels
Date Tue 26 June 2012
Time 8:00pm
Attendees Line, Muriel, Delphine, Valeria, Pascal, Marouan, Mael, Abdelkrim, Mab
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Round table

Each person presented him/herself

Blog for Brussels

Line has called jonas to setup the blog action: Line: to call jonas and know the status of the blog creation


each member of the brussels crew should Write post from time to time (express what you believe in in the blog)



Matthias is not interested to present himself
Sabine won't present herself
Hakim, toon, abdelkrim, line might present themselves

elections - Methods

Hakim: I believe we should present (advertise) the ideas more than the people

Flyer made by marouan

info: the mention to Jurgen habermas might not be necessarily easy to understand by a wide audience Action: is there any action related to this?

Elections - Signature


Matthias owns the pdf to be used to collect the signatures. Action: to send the documrnt to the crew for them to collect

HIGH:Mael: hard to motivate people to collect the signatures; at the current rythme we won't get the relevant signatures in any commune! 

Recurrent Action: during every meeting we need to share the papers with signatures in NL and FR


Issue: Too difficult to print the logo; how to address the issue?

Action: Mael: Jonas should create a mailing list for brussels (by when?)

organised anarchy ?

Pascal: we should organise a group who will brainstorm and share the ideas to the local teams. A crew would brainstorm and share the ideas' this might avoid each crew diverisfy.    Line: we plan to organise a big debate during which we will present the crew (see brainstorming meeting chapter)

press day 2012-09-22

Muriel: we organise 22 sept a day with the press including press kit: all crews need to be there  

questions the crew would like the position of the pirate party

  1. tolerance,
  2. security,
  3. centralisation,
  4. social opponent,
  5. criminality
  6. media and publicity
  7. Living,
  8. homeless & public toilets and showers
  9. fair market to get houses,
  10. European capital, 
  11. Ecology,
  12. support local economy, 

Mab: he proposees to organise topic base meetings, where we only talk about a predefined topic; include a moderator who will kill discussion not related to the topic

Info: mab will support those kind of meetings. We will then study their usefulness and organise them again if results are good

Brainstorming meeting: 

Need: a place for how many peolple 10 places Office Rue gerard 47a, 1040 etterbeek (merode) In 10 days monday or tuesday Meeting table holds 16 seats

Action: line: to send a email to mab with schedule