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Apartment Gardening Toicon-icon-avocado-build.svg
Topics Ecology
Start date Thu 15 August 2013
Contact see member list
Status In progress


We want to create our version of this project: http://www.ted.com/talks/britta_riley_a_garden_in_my_apartment.html in order to grow vegetables in apartments and sharing experiences with other member of this community.

The spirit is however not to restrict ourselves to hydroponic gardens, but to cooperate on any idea that enables growing vegetables inside an apartment, and for which one is motivated for. Growing and sharing! Ecris dans ta langue natale si tu préfères, of in het Nederlands als je wil...

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The main goal is to help people to start producing their own vegetables in their apartment, focusing on techniques that does not require having a lot of space.

  • Create a network of apartment gardeners to
    • Easily find apartment gardeners near you
    • Find resources to help people to start their own apartment garden
    • Find tools they can borrow to start their own garden (create a "starter kit")
  • Find networks, associations, people that can provide the needed tools, seeds, nutriments... events where you can find them
  • Assemble an online library with useful websites, how-to's, tutorials, recipes for nutriments, compost...




  • Meeting in Louvain-la-Neuve on Saturday 14/09 4pm @ Dégustation de bon sens, place de l'université
  • Hop on to Valeriane in Namur (September 6, 7, and 8), to find some seeds and get in touch with other gardeners. Quelques ateliers épinglés, entre autres : Atelier graines germées et jeunes pousses (vendredi), Une Maison de la Semence Citoyenne chez Nature & Progrès, pourquoi ?, Les incroyables comestibles (dimanche)
  • Contact meeting in Gembloux, 13/08 at 19h in French Inn.


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