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Coals and motivation

Set up a tool to manage proposals and amendments for parliamentary/legislative/judiciary texts. This tool or set of tools will have to provide an intuitive user-friendly interface and handle history and translations. The goal here is to list the existing solutions, to analyse them and to create a list of requirements for such a platform.

Motivation : We are currently using several tools to manage our GA preparation process but none of theme is currently meeting the requirements to create a complete eDemocracy online platform that anybody can use. This platform will have to work in a multi-language environment which will be a real challenge to solve ! Move Commons Non-Profit, Reproducible, Reinforcing the Town/community/society Commons, Grassroots

State of the art

Standards & data structures

  • : "Akoma Ntoso (“linked hearts” in Akan language of West Africa) defines a “machine readable” set of simple technology-neutral electronic representations (in XML format) of parliamentary, legislative and judiciary documents."
  • Markdown + structure of documents (German laws on GitHub)

Other tools to look at

Analysis of existing tools

Template :

Tool name

ToolName - Good for

ToolName - Lacks of


The Wiki has been used for the Amendments for the August 2014 GA

The main issue with the Wiki is that it's a generalistic tool. It can do nearly anything, but it's not specialized in anything. So using it to do something alse than creating a collaborative web site can be tricky or take a lot of time to enforce structural conventions. In addition, it requires a good communication on how the structuration has to be done by the end users.

MediaWiki - Good for

  • Collaborative editing
  • Versioning and history
  • Easy to use if you now how to use the Wiki
  • Flexible

MediaWiki - Lacks of

  • Clarity when mixing proposals and amendments on a page
  • Support for translations
  • History on sections of a page (i.e. Amendments and Proposals)
  • Easier way to debate/discuss on amendments and proposals
  • Parliamentary/Legislative/Judiciary specific structures of documents
  • User-friendliness if your are not a fan of the Wiki tool
  • Seing amendments/questions/discussions in the page flow can be tricky
  • Voting/decision system (OK? done at the GA, but should be possible to do it online for a more generalized usage)


Is a great tool for Liquid Democracy, for simpler than Liquid Feedback. But this is not a proposal/amendment managment tool.

GetOp - Good for

  • Liquid democracy
  • Discussion
  • "liking" comments
  • Voting on proposals
  • Proxy voting

GetOp - Lacks of

As far as I know :

  • A way to add argumentation to a proposal
  • A way to handle amendments on proposals
  • A way to create new proposals from amendments
  • Versionning and history on proposals
  • Translation system on proposals/amendments
  • A way to add references (links, documents...) on proposals
  • Collaborative proposals/amendments writing


Co-ment - Good for

  • text annotation by multiple users.
  • discussion
  • navigation (TOC, versions, display of comments, discussion thread)

Co-ment - Lacks of

  • translation support (as far as I know)

Requirements for an Proposals/Amendments management tool

working on it...