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Wiki workshop in February 2018

Summary by HgO

An event page has been created here: WikiSquad/Meeting/17_02_2018

As decided during the last Crew BW meeting, this event has been cancelled. The organizers are unfortunately too busy to prepare the event properly... Apologies to those who planned to come. We will try to organize a wiki workshop in the next months.

HgO (talkcontribs)

Yesterday with Jean-François, we thought that it would be nice to organize a wiki workshop in February to work on the structure of the wiki.

For instance, we could try to find ways to track and highlight decisions. I'm thinking of the decisions related to the calendar : we should easily find an history of the decisions related to a given topic, etc. I'm not saying that would be easy, but we could give it a try maybe ?

Meanwhile, we could also work on the wiki in general (there are still a lot of things to do). For instance, improve the intro text of the calendar page, the content of the different topic pages, the wiki guide, etc.

Finally, I'd like this workshop to be open to newcomers as well, to help them to contribute to the wiki. Although, last time there were not much newcomers...

I've created a framadate : I propose to do the workshop on 10 or 11 February, but I added the next week-end just in case.

ZeFredz (talkcontribs)

First the not-so-happy coco part :

I'm not that motivated by trying to transform a wiki into an organized web portal for an organization. For me, a wiki is by nature, an informal, self-transforming thing always evolving and, as a consequence, a bit chaotic. Adding structure will just make creating new contents less and less easy (you have to use this template, oh and this kind of thing cannot be here but must be there...).
In addition I think our Wiki is already great as it is now. Of course, we can still add new categories but it's a never ending process...
I also feel that we need to think about where to find what information about the pirates. For example : is the wiki the place to track and highlight decisions ?

Now the happy coco part :

It would be great to welcome newcomers (if any) and improve the current tools. So yeah, maybe I'll be there
Vanecx (talkcontribs)

I'm also not much into working on the structure of the wiki. Currently we're like 5 people using this wiki regularly, I believe that is a big problem, and I don't believe that changing the structure currently will solve this. So I'd be way more interested in the "workshop for newcomers" aspect.

HgO (talkcontribs)

Thanks for your remarks !

So, hmm I do think there is a lack of structure, and we agreed on this in a past meeting (I think we said that at the end of the last wiki workshop actually). Maybe "highlight and track" weren't the right words, but yes right now it's very difficult to find who decided what, and when...

However! I totally agree that we lack of contributors and even users (although those are more hidden, as they leave no trace on the wiki), and that this is probably more important than having a perfect structure. And yes, the current structure is already nice, I tend to forget that ^_^

Moreover!! We could make this meeting more informal by playing at the new cowob from Vincent : (yes yes, he said he would pay me if I would make some advertisement for his website :p)

Finally, I agree with Valerie (who replied by mail): we must still find ways to promote the PirateSidebar and its map feature.

Conclusion: Let's do a "workshop for newcomers" ! :D Let's make it fun and entertaining ! Let's make the wiki great again \o/ (I'll just be leaving, now)

ZeFredz (talkcontribs)


If there is a need for more structure, I think the first part should be to identify the needs and requirements and then to prepare not a wiki workshop but a separate hackathon for the Wikisquad to implement what we want to see in the Wiki.

What do you think about that ?

The i-need-coffee coco

HgO (talkcontribs)

I'm not sure to see the difference between a wiki workshop and a wiki hackathon? But yes, that would be a good alternative for those who feel the need for structure.

Anyways, I see that only Renaud filled the poll date :( I'd like to have a date before we send the newsletter (probably in a couple of days?).

ZeFredz (talkcontribs)

For me a workshop is when you are learning to use a tool. A hackathon is when you use a tool to create something new or working on the tool itself.

Also, the attended audience is not same : newbies and learners for a workshop; makers, hackers, coders, sysadmins... and other people who want to work on the given tasks for a hackathon.

ZeFredz (talkcontribs)

As for the poll dates, I'm waiting for the dates for the local citizen list in OLLN to be decided before answering to this one...

HgO (talkcontribs)

Thanks for answering the poll date ! I forgot I had a meeting on 10th February, and anyway this date was quite close from the Crew BW meeting.

So I propose to do the workshop on Saturday 17th February. I'll wait a couple of days to be sure nobody disagree with this date ;)

Location will be in Gembloux because that would be nice to do something with Vincent's ideas about wikis, meta-wikis, etc.