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6 November : Libertarian Municipalism & Murray Bookchin’s Legacy

Green European Journal 
From the USA to Spain and beyond, the last decade has seen a surge in municipalist and local democracy citizens’ movements. Many have been influenced by the ideas of American writer and thinker Murray Bookchin (1921-2006), which envisaged a new left politics based on popular assemblies and grassroots democracy. We sat down with Debbie Bookchin to discuss how these movements are implementing her father’s ideas and what the potential challenges are for libertarian municipalism.

26 June : 'Dark municipalism' - the dangers of local politics

The Ecologist 
Municipalism that is confederal is an antidote to xenophobic isolationism. It’s a localism which knows no national borders, yet retains the ability of citizens of every community to have a say in the affairs which affect them. The power of our strategy itself relies on building bridges rather than walls.


16 August : Fearless Cities: the new urban movements

Red Pepper 
A wave of new municipalist movements has been experimenting with how to take – and transform – power in cities large and small. Bertie Russell and Oscar Reyes report on the growing success of radical urban politics around the world

22 July : What Municipalism and #FearlessCities could mean for New Zealand

  • Medium

21 July : Municipalism and the Feminization of Politics

ROAR Magazine 
Beside turning local institutions into mechanisms of self-governance, municipalism also has the potential to feminize politics in a way that action at the national level does not.

21 July : Cities Against the Wall

ROAR Magazine 
Two years into its governing mandate, how is Spain’s municipalist movement fighting back against the impositions of global capital?

21 July : The New Municipal Movements

  • ROAR Magazine

21 July : Radical Municipalism: The Future We Deserve

ROAR Magazine 
Only a global confederation of rebel cities can lead us out of the death-spiral of neoliberalism towards a new rational society that delivers on the promise of humankind.

10 July : How one European smart city is giving power back to its citizens

  • Alphr

10 July : A Just Future Starts at the Local Level

  • Pirate Times

4 July : What if cities led the fight against climate change? – An interview with Mark Watts

  • OuiShare

3 July : Are Barcelona’s ‘superblocks’ a radical challenge to the neoliberal city?

  • PoliticalCritique

27 June : How Madrid’s residents are using open-source urban planning to create shared spaces – and build democracy

  • The Conversation

26 June : Radical municipalism: demanding the future

  • OpenDemocracy

20 June : Building the networked city from the ground up with citizens – Interview with Francesca Bria

  • OuiShare

19 June : How Barcelona’s citizens will control the use of their data

  • GovInsider

15 June : Fearless Cities: A Dispatch from Barcelona

  • Urban Democracy Lab

14 June : Sanctuary and refuge cities

  • OpenDemocracy

12 June : How a Global Network of #FearlessCities is Making Racist Colonial Nation States Obsolete

  • Medium

7 June : From Citizen Platforms to Fearless Cities: Europe’s New Municipalism

  • PoliticalCritique

7 June : A new international municipalist movement is on the rise – from small victories to global alternatives

  • OpenDemocracy

25 May : Luigi de Magistris: “In Naples we are all illegal or no-one is”

  • PoliticalCritique

7 May : Community Capital in Action: New Financial Models for Resilient Cities

  • CooperativeCity

25 April : What Makes an Empty Building in Naples a “Common Good”?

  • PoliticalCritique

22 March : Random election, the G1000 and deliberation to change Madrid

  • OpenDemocracy

20 February : R&C04 – Remunicipalisation of energy systems – Part 2

  • Energycommonsblog

30 January : R&C04 - Remunicipalisation of energy systems – Part 1

  • Energycommonsblog


21 December : This is how people power wins an election: the story of Ahora Madrid


20 December : Common space for exchange: cities in transition and citizen struggles


15 November : “Cities will be a powerful antidote to Donald Trump”: Social scientist Benjamin Barber on the emergence of a new urban radicalism

  • Quartz

4 October : Forget the nation-state: cities will transform the way we conduct foreign affairs

  • WeForum

24 September : Barcelona en Comú’s Guide to Urban Revolution Stresses Shared Priorities over Party Politics

  • P2PFoundation

9 September : Mayors from 70 global cities are gathering to try to solve the world’s problems

  • Quartz


30 October : Cities, Inequality and the Common Good

  • Huffington Post

14 July : The Commons Have Come to Town

  • Commons Transition

9 June : 6 Lessons for the U.S. from Spain’s Democratic Revolution

  • Commons Transition

1 June : From 'Smart City' to 'collective intelligence': radical change in Barcelona

  • SmartCitiesDive

27 May : Beyond Ada Colau: the common people of Barcelona en Comú


27 May : Towards a new municipal agenda in Spain

  • Commons Transition

4 March : Barcelona en Comú: the city as horizon for radical democracy

  • ROAR Magazine