Internal Democracy/Meeting/26 03 2017

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Internal Democracy: Creating guidelines Toicon-icon-avocado-discuss.svg
Workgroup Internal Democracy
Date Sun 26 March 2017
Time 2:00pm
Venue l'Esperance
Rue du Finistère 1-3
1000 Brussels
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We will meet in De 'l'Esperance', Rue du Finistère 1-3, 1000 Brussels at 14h00.

The aim of this meeting will be to further define guidelines for a democratic meeting. Everybody who wants to help with this is, of course, welcome :)


Direct link to the pad


  • Work further on the guidelines for meetings


We splitted up in two groups. One group reviewed the input that was given on the pad, the other group talked about the structure of the guidelines-document.

A short description of what we saw on the input:

Things we thought were good:

  • Pascal's document:
    • Presentation was very good. (concept of bubbles was nice)
    • +1 for roundtable + the question of how people feel, their expectations and that at this point, there can't be any discussion
    • Consensus based is good :)
    • It's good that a similar roundtable is held at the end
    • Gent feedback
    • We see a similar roundtable, so this is good
    • Put some constraints on the roundtable (
  • Things we thought about during these talks:
    • How to integrate newcomers in the group?
    • do we gave them some talk time?
    • do we ask them to sit and listen?
    • Opening and closing is individual-focussed.

Structure of the meeting: inspired by the labs

  1. Intro (plenary)
    1. Feeling/Mood (1-2 words)
    2. Expectations (=needs) roundtable(1-2 senteces)
    3. Wishes (preferences) roundtable (1-2 sentences)
    4. End Time roundtable
    5. Split up in subgroups unless exact same wishes and small number of poeple
  1. Body (Subgroups)
    1. Possibility to introduce further (see Intro)
    2. Discussion
    3. Evaluation: this should be done when someone intends to leave.
      1. Feelings roundtable
      2. Pro's ans contra's of the process and discussion about ways to improve next time
  2. Closing (Plenary)
    1. Each subgroup reports orally his conclusion/ decisions to the whole group
      1. feedback of the others: understanding
      2. feedback of the others: agree/ disagree, no discussion here
      3. if not finished or no unanimity: decide for a next submeeting involving poeple disagreeing
    2. Evaluation (30 minutes before the end time)
      1. feeling roudtable, 1-2 words
      2. Pro's and contra's of the plenary (intro and closing) and discussion about how to do next time
      3. What do we decide for next time: venue, date, hour, general goal, proposition of subgroups.

Next time we would finish on the structure and begin with the report and moderation function.