Crew Brussels/Meeting/11 07 2012

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Workgroup Crew Brussels
Date Wed 11 July 2012
Time ?
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  1. Approval of minutes from previous meeting
  2. Venue of future meetings
  3. Campaign-related items
    1. Update on signature hunt
    2. Creation of a Brussels Street Squad ?
    3. Update from Brussels Program Squad
    4. Other
  4. Election of a treasurer for Brussels
  5. Social Media & IT
  6. Creation of a Brussels Press Squad ?
  7. Fleet meeting 24/07
  8. Misc

Approval of minutes from previous meeting

  • Approved

Venue of future meetings

  • Amelia Andersdotter's office will be the new place for work meetings
  • Next pirate meetup @Kafka, then we'll decide if we stay there or not

Campaign-related items

Update on signature hunt

  • Progress is still too slow
  • In order to collect signatures by distance (eg through internet) we can give people's the pirate office's address where they can send signed forms. This address + the form will be put on the website as soon as it is set up.
  • Individual initiatives to collect signatures from elected officials are welcome, but we won't put any collective efforts behind it.

Creation of a Brussels Street Squad ?

  • There is no point in creating a squad top-down, first step is to find people interested
  • Everyone should be involved in collecting signatures.
  • No decision on this.

Update from Brussels Program Squad

  • Some complains were voiced regarding the structure and functioning of the squad.
  • It was however agreed that we would keep the current system until something better is found.
  • It was suggested this would be a great application for the LQFB.


  • Line's idea : meet every Saturday at 4pm in a public area to discuss a particular topic. This is meant as an open and participative event to get people to stop for a bit and talk about politics. We need different tools to communicate on this, Line agreed to pull this project and keep us informed.
  • Paul is taking care of the merchandise, inc. flyers
  • French flyers are on the wiki as .pdf

Election of a treasurer for Brussels

  • No candidate --> item pushed to next meeting.
  • At some point the national pirate account will be moved to Triodos, but this is not urgent.
  • Nino will ask the coreteam to open a separate bank account for the Brussels region, otherwise Nino will open one himself

Social Media & IT

  • There's some confusion between the FB page and group, but each has its utility so it was decided to keep them.
  • It was decided to create local blogs and/or pages under the main website domain name.

Creation of a Brussels Press Squad ?

  • Pascal will be responsible at the Brussels level for now
  • A structure already exists at national level and should be contacted / revitalised.

Fleet meeting 24/07

  • Someone from Brussels should participate, Nino will try to make it.


  • We can use Amelia Andersdotter's office until 2014. Someone from Amelia's team will be there on a fixed time each week + possibly on a permanent basis starting in September (still unsure). A set of keys will be handed out to Nino. There will be an online agenda on which we can book the office for events.
  • New name for pirate beers : pirate meetup.