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Jump to: navigation, search Hetzner IP is black listed by default by Microsoft

The PPBE it-squad have a VPS server hosted by Hetzner to be used as our mail server.

The Hetzner IP ranges are black listed by Microsoft and Microsoft is not very transparent about their black list management. They block and we can join some «free program» offered by their services. But to do so, off course we need to have an account on their network. A «real person account».

On one of their support wiki pages, Hetzner suggest to join one of those Microsoft Programs:

The «notes» from the wikipage of Hetzner may have to be taken in account!

  • For easy verification by us, please register with details that are the same, or at least similar, as those used in the Robot.
    • About that, we may have to modify the the DNS, Hetzner, Infomaniak owners and account details.
  • Please send authorization requests to (or
  • The SNDS does not allow you to delist your IP. (=we can monitor, but we have no power)

To do so ... We need to create an official and personal mail account on the Microsoft Network

Once it is done it is possible to fill some forms and provide the IP address we which to «monitor» or put in the «white list»

After that, a Docusign document is sent to the person who did create the account and which was chose as a «responsible/signator».

After it ... we do not know :D

Companies involved in the process


A German Hosting provide who's network is black listed by Microsoft (to protect their users against spam).


A major American Software company hosting mailboxes for many users under domains like,, and Office 365 Personal or Business products.


An American company running business related to eSignature Transaction Management.

In 2004 the company was funded by Frasier Venture Capital and by Scale Venture Partners in 2010[1].

Scale Venture Partners

An American investment company.

What I personally dislikes

To be forced to create an account on Microsoft network, to be allowed to sign an electronic document handled by Docusign who received money from Scale Venture Partners who is selling the companies they invests on to Microsoft, Oracle, Adobe, Salesforce ...

They talk about it