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  • Fix translation system.
    • Work in progress
  • Create/import a template 'outdated content/page'.
  • Organise, distribute and manage statues administrator and Bureaucrate and delete obsolete user accounts
  • Propose wiki templates in the according page
  • Translate the introduction message of this page in Dutch, French and English.
  • Install a calendar system (cf. Talk:WikiSquad#Calendar)
  • Clarify the elections page or find people to do it.
  • Create a WikiBar.
  • Make the white ground color of the logo transparent.
    • There is a bug to upload files.
  • Fix the <ref> system, see issue.
  • Add subpage feature, see issue.
  • Make the category tool efficient.
  • Install navboxes, see [1].
  • Bug : Redirection to blank page when you are on Special:Watchlist
  • Enable PageNotice (cf Talk:WikiSquad#PageNotice)
  • Receive notification for all pages of the wiki then send it to Patrick on a regular basis