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Shoshana Zuboff on surveillance capitalism (english, with subtitles)

Youtube video published by vpro documentaries

Duration: 49min59

Release: 21/12/2019

"Safe and Sorry" (vostfr, vostnl)

Youtube video published by Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

Duration: 6min13
Release: 14/04/2016

Check also the detailed sources in the description of the video

Nothing to Hide (vostfr)

Documentary about mass-surveillance and intimacy

Duration: 1h26
Release: 01/10/2017

See also the trailer (vostfr)

Kate Crockford | TEDXCambridgeSalon - How face surveillance threatens your privacy and freedom

TED Talk from Kade Crockford (US civil rights advocate) about face surveillance

Pourquoi notre vie privée est en danger - Enquête au cœur du "Système Frank Robben" | LN24+

Duration: 14min42

Release: 22/02/2021