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"Safe and Sorry" (vostfr, vostnl)

Youtube video published by Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

Duration: 6min13
Release: 14/04/2016

Check also the detailed sources in the description of the video

Nothing to Hide (vostfr)

Documentary about mass-surveillance and intimacy

Duration: 1h26
Release: 01/10/2017

See also the trailer (vostfr)

CQFD - Faut-il muscler la protection de la vie privée? (fr)

Interview on CQFD (RTBF radio - La Première)

Duration: : 20 min 06
Release: : 17/10/2017

See also the article summarizing the interview : (French)

WTFrance ?! Cryptography and legislation in France (en) - 2017

France is known for its lack of respect of politicians, cheese, wine andbaguette. It is less known for its fight against Privacy and Cryptography, especially those last years and during the state of emergency.

And, even if you’re not French, you should care, because french representatives in european parliament are leading the fight against Privacy and Cyptography.

Duration: 32min
Release: 18/10/2017

Kate Crockford | TEDXCambridgeSalon - How face surveillance threatens your privacy and freedom

TED Talk from Kade Crockford (US civil rights advocate) about face surveillance