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Practical info

What - Quoi - Wat

Pirate Assembly Spring 2015 - Assemblée générale du Parti Pirate, Printemps 2015 - Algemene Vergadering Piratenpartij, Lente 2015

When - Quand - Wanneer

  • [EN] Saturday 28th of March -
  • [FR] Samedi 28 Mars -
  • [NL] Zaterdag 28 Maart -

Where - Où - Waar

Antwerpen - Anvers - Antwerp

Cafe Kiebooms, De Coninckplein 18, 2060 Antwerp

Who - Qui - Wie

Everybody - Tout le monde - Iedereen

But only members can vote - Mais seul les membres ont le droit de vote - Maar alleen leden kunnen stemmen: check - vérifier

Register here, Inscrivez-vous ici, Schrijf je hier in : http://pirateparty.be/registration-general-assembly-spring-2015

Follow the GA online

We could not connect there to the internet. Streaming and live pads were therefore not possible. Sorry for that. For the outcome, follow-up and giving your feedback, see at the bottom of the page.


Matin - Morgen

(09.00) Déjeuner - Ontbijt (pour qui veut, facultatief)
(10.00) Accueil - Welkom
  • [EN]
    • Welcome speech
    • Short briefing about body language conventions ("I want to talk", "I agree", "I disagree", "This is an improductive discussion")
  • [FR]
    • Mot de bienvenue
    • Court briefing sur les conventions du langage corporel ("Je veux parler", "Je suis d'accord", "C'est une discussion improductive")
  • [NL]
    • Welkomstwoord
    • Korte briefing over lichaamstaalconventies ("Ik wil spreken", "Ik ga akkoord", "Ik ga niet akkoord", "Dit is een onproductieve discussie")
Brisons la glace : présentation des équipages - Ijs breken : presentatie van de crews

Informal presentation of each represented crew. Speak up!

Présentation informelle des équipages. A eux la parole pour quelques minutes.

Informele presentatie van elke crew. Enkele minuten om zich voor te stellen.

Rapports - Rapportering
  • Reporting of coreteam: by Thomas
  • Reporting of operational squads
    • Community: by Vincent
      • One adress: contact'at'pirateparty.be, with a team behind it: Jonas DK, Kasper, Sarah, Renaud, Noémi, Danny, Xavier, Kash, Vincent, Thomas, Kjell
      • Big improvement of the answer delay.
      • All facebook pages have improved their followers amount.
      • Welcome crews Mechelen & Namur
      • Is everyone confortable with english?
      • Pirate Brunches of Feb. and March in Brussels were very positive. Pirates came from BXL, BW, Antwerpen, Gent, Namur. First Sunday of each month, in Julia's office, Etterbeek. Starting 11.30.
      • Some Pirates have started using Telegram (https://telegram.org/) for informal communication. So far, so good.
      • Need a place where everyone can discuss (replace all existing channels by a single forum? Add a functionality to getop for the discussions without vote?)
    • Finance: by Stef
    • GA: by Fred
      • Gaspring2015-reporting-gasquad.pdf
    • IT: by?
      • Servers stability improved (tx Askarel)
      • Structure simplified (hackathon helped, tx Tom, Askarel, Koen, Patrick, Thomas, Kash, Xavier, Vincent for participating)
      • Still too complicated for our needs
      • Roles attribution unclear: who is managing infrastructure, DNS, Drupal, Wiki, pads, GetOp, emails, ...
      • We probably won't be able to maintain the system as is. A clean infrastructure is needed.
      • We are unconfortable with the fact that Facebook is one of the main communication channels, be have no clear solution atm. (Jitsi? Telegram? Discourse - http://www.discourse.org/ ?)
    • Press: by?
    • Secretary: by?
    • Wiki: by Vincent & Fred
      • Gaspring2015-reporting-wikisquad.pdf
      • Wiki's doing fine. Tx Manu for the work on forms for statutes. Tx all the team for being nice and responsive.
      • We want to make wiki workshops to help people to participate.
      • We want to plug to other wikis, for instance http://p2pfoundation.net/ via interwiki. But we need a lab server to experiment. wiki-lab.pirateparty.be would do the trick.
  • Reporting of Mediation Commission launched on previous GA : by members of Commission (cf. Xavier)

Decision making - Prises de décision

  • [EN]
    • Voting on agreeing to by-pass the proposal-making-procedure described in the Statutes. That procedure requires starting more than 10 weeks ahead of the GA, which is in practice currently very hard to follow.
    • If accepted, voting on three "extraordinary" proposals:
      • Proposal to leave the PPI.
      • Proposal to create vzw/asbl "Pirates of Belgium".
      • Proposal to sign No-Transat declaration
    • These proposals can be found on GetOp, for online discussion:
  • [FR]
    • Vote sur un accord pour contourner la procédure de contribution décrite dans les Statuts. Cette procédure requiert de commencer plus de 10 semaines avant l'AG, ce qui en pratique est actuellement très dur à suivre.
    • Si accepté, vote sur 3 propositions "extraordinaires" :
      • Proposition de quitter le PPI.
      • Proposition de créer une ASBL "Pirates of Belgium".
      • Proposition de signer la déclaration No-Transat
    • Ces propositions peuvent être trouvées sur GetOp, pour des discussions en-ligne :
  • [NL]
    • Stemmen om akkoord te gaan met het omzeilen van de voorstellen-makende-procedure zoals in de statuten beschreven. Deze procedure vereist dat er 10 weken vóór de AV (Algemene Vergadering) gestart wordt, dat is in feite nog zeer moeilijk te volgen.
    • Indien aanvaard, stemmen op 3 "buitengewone" voorstellen:
      • Voorstel om de PPI te verlaten.
      • Voorstel om een vzw "Pirates of Belgium" te creëren.
      • Voorstel om de No-Transat verklaring te tekenen.
    • Deze voorstellen kunnen teruggevonden worden op GetOp, voor online discussie:

Présentation des candidat-e-s / Voorstelling van de kandidaten

  • [EN] Are you willing to help along? Then join one of the operational squads or the coreteam! Present yourself shortly here: Candidates_Assembly_Spring_2015
  • [FR] Voulez-vous donner un coup de main ? Alors rejoignez une Operational Squad ou la Coreteam ! Présentez-vous brievement ici : Candidates_Assembly_Spring_2015
  • [NL] Wil je een handje helpen? Vervoeg dan één van de operationele squads of het coreteam! Stel jezelf hier dan kort voor: Candidates_Assembly_Spring_2015

(13.00 - 14.00) Lunch

Auberge espagnole - Potluck

(14.00 - 17.00) Après-midi - Namiddag

  • [EN] Similarly to the previous GA, we will split up into tables, depending on our interests and work together.
  • [FR] Comme à la dernière AG, nous nous diviserons en tables, selon nos centres d'intérêt, et travaillerons ensemble.
  • [NL] Zoals op de vorige AV zullen we opgesplitst worden in tafels naargelang onze interesses en gezamenlijk werk.

Work tables

  • [EN] Presentation of the topics and splitting to work together (fuck logic) :
    • Mons 2015
    • How to welcome new members?
    • How to set a long-term strategy?
    • Preparing the next GA: how to deal with statutes, how to deal with getopinionated
    • TTIP
    • Other? contact the GA squad to let them know about your idea
  • [FR] Présentation des sujets et division pour travailler ensemble :
    • Mons 2015
    • Comment accueillir les nouveaux membres ?
    • Comment définir une stratégie à long terme ?
    • Préparer la prochaine AG : comment gérer les Statuts ? Comment gérer GetOp ?
    • TTIP
    • Autre ? Contacter la Squad AG pour leur faire connaitre votre idée
  • [NL] Voorstelling van de onderwerpen en splitsen om samen te werken :
    • Bergen 2015
    • Hoe nieuwe leden verwelkomen?
    • Hoe een strategie op lange termijn definiëren?
    • De volgende AV voorbereiden: hoe omgaan met statuten, hoe omgaan met getopinionated
    • TTIP
    • Andere? contacteer de AV squad om jouw idee aan hen kenbaar te maken

Wrap up - Clôture - Conclusie

  • [EN]
    • ultra-short conclusion of each mini-workshop
    • acceptance of new candidates for operational squads or coreteam
    • announcement on next GA (when, where (?), proposals via getop, ideas of themes?)
    • give your feedback on the day

  • [FR]
    • conclusion ultra-brève de chaque mini-atelier
    • acceptation des nouveaux candidats pour les Operational Squads ou Coreteam
    • annonce de la prochaine AG (quand, où, propositions via GetOp, idées de sujets ?)
    • donnez votre alimenter en retour feedback sur la journée
  • [NL]
    • extra korte conclusie van elke mini-workshop
    • aanvaarding van nieuwe kandidaten voor de operationele squads of coreteam
    • aankondiging van de volgende AV (wanneer, waar, voorstellen via GetOp, ideeën van thema's?)
    • geef je feedback van de dag


Direct link: https://pad.pirateparty.be/p/assembly_spring_2015_discussion


Todo list

  • Convocation (need a subscription formular to anticipate the number of participants)
    • Draft is [here https://pad.pirateparty.be/p/GAsquad_drafts] done
    • When all links are ready, to be sent to pirates via infomaniac by Xavier done - but check list not up
      • Need an updated list of members --> Stef and Patrick? what's going on there? done
      • Need to connect that list to the membership check-up link
      • Need to check and agree on the agenda --> is it realistic from a timing point of view?
      • Need to translate this wiki page - on going, thanks Vaneckx. NL is requested to 4G squad. done
      • Need to make the registration formular (previous one is here) done
  • List of members
    • will need an up to date list for registration --> Stef will bring it
    • who wants to take care of the registration when people come in? (backup = Stef + Patrick)
  • Call to operational squads and others (Mons 2015) to prepare for reporting. Ok, for morning.
    • and check who is still in and who is out.
    • Op squads contacted personally when possible, or via discussion list... --Valerie (talk) 11:57, 24 March 2015 (CET)
  • Define date and location for next GA
    • Confirmed to be ok for La Louviere, date still to be defined by crew (September-October).

  • Proposals on getop
    • To be translated: NL is missing!
    • To be put on the latex template (ask Jonas?)
      • There are only 3 proposals, isn't it a waste of time to use the latex template for so few?
        • I thought it would not be a waste since we would simply reuse the form. It will be quick. However, I am wondering about the waste of paper...
        • I am not planning to print but just to beam the getop page. --Valerie (talk) 11:57, 24 March 2015 (CET)
  • Voting papers, green and red
    • Taking care
    • Will take white as well this time, abstentions matter, dammit. I won't accept not to count them this time. --Valerie (talk) 13:00, 22 March 2015 (CET)

  • Streaming: --> Kash will take care

  • Internet connection: --> Piraten van't stad? will check on Friday

  • Local Etherpard server: if needed --> Piraten van't stad? or Fred M. as usual

  • Wifi Router: --> Piraten van't stad?

  • Beamer: --> ok, Kash will bring one

  • Screen: --> ?

  • Sound: --> ok, Thomas

  • Printing of the documents:
    • If agree, no need to print voting documents
    • need to print directions --> Valerie
    • need to print agendas of the day --> Valerie
  • Multiplugs for all laptop chargers --> who has?

  • Chairs: not needed since we will be in a cafe

  • Stuff to make badges
    • I will have a look if I can find stickers but I am thinking it is not essential
      • 50 eur for 200 cloth stickers... not worth I think --Valerie (talk) 11:24, 26 March 2015 (CET)

Contact the orga

To contact us, go to the GA Squad page & pad

Feedback and FollowUp