Internal Democracy/Meeting/25 06 2017

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Internal Democracy: Creating guidelines Toicon-icon-avocado-discuss.svg
Workgroup Internal Democracy
Date Sun 25 June 2017
Time 2:00pm
Venue l'Esperance
Rue du Finistère 1-3
1000 Brussels
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We will meet in l'Espérance, rue du Finistère 1-3, 1000 Brussels at 14h00.

Please read carefully our meeting guidelines, as they will be used during this meeting.


The aim of this meeting will be to work on the reporting.

  • keep working to have a simple guidelines structure containing some recommended fundamentals
  • keep working about the reporting (where do we report (wiki/pad/mindmap/pictures/documents ?)
  • keep practicing with our own Internal Democracy guidelines.
  • have look to collect comments on Media:MeetingGuideLinesVisual.svg (see below)

Everybody who wants to help with this is, of course, welcome :)



Direct link to the pad


As we were only three, we didn't split into subgroups.

We discussed about the goals of the reporting, which is "to give the means to participate or integrate the group".

We defined two targets: the group and the public. The difference is that the latter doesn't know where to find the information, or even the existence of the group.

We questionned the necessity of the reporting: is the reporting the only ways to achieve this goal? Are there any other ways, maybe more efficient or less costly?

For next time, we would like to talk about the information structure of the wiki, and about guidelines for the reporting in order to have something to play with, to experiment.