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Internal Communication Toicon-icon-avocado-build.svg
Topics Pirate Party
Start date Mon 7 January 2013
Contact @CrewsSquadNews
Status Inactive


The objective of this project is to build a stream-oriented tool to provide a structure able to ease internal communication in the party.

Two ways to participate:

  • Every member of this project can collect and relay any information related to the pirate party.

Based on the data provided, we will analyse paterns, spot redundancy (for instance similar projects in two different crews) and formalise a web-oriented tool in order to ease the collect and broadcasting of such information.

  • The other goal of the project is to reinforce the links between the different crews and encourage the initiation of projects on a larger scale than the crew-level. Inter-crew meetings can be scheduled from here. Every crew is invited to send a member in this project.

Our current diffusion tool is the Crews&Squads News Twitter page


Nothing could replace experience. The crew test himself actually (pirate and visitor welcome) :

Twitter : hastag #Pp_ict ?

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