ITSquad/Meeting/15 11 2012

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Workgroup ITSquad
Date Thu 15 November 2012
Time ?
Venue Internet
Attendees Nofel, Patrick, David, Jonas
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Patrick introduced himself, he works on the project Droit de regard. Pirate Party of Brabant Wallon.

Patrick suggested using Friendica, maybe interesting for the ppbe to set up an account/page there? It's an alternative open source social network. Patrick prefers it to Diaspora, he has used them both.

There was a bit talk about the French and German domain names for the Belgian Pirate Party ( and Both are registered by persons unrelated to the Belgian PP. They didn't react to mails in the past, but the former owner of claims he never received a mail before, so maybe we should contact them again. Nofel says the next possible step is to start the official procedure to claim those domains. It's rather costly, but the party which loses has to pay it completely. And as the Pirate Party is a registered political party which already participated in two election rounds, chances of winning this are rather good.

Jonas asked for suggestions for domain registrars. For his personal domains, David recently switched to the Dutch domainname/hosting/VPS provider Versio, which very cheap (e.g. less than 5 € for a .be domain).

Jonas is going to ask Tom for access to the code (git repository) of the new website.