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This page is a translated version of the page Help:Conventions and the translation is 100% complete.

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In order to efficiently organize the wiki, we defined some usage conventions.


The naming convention used for categories is the following:

  • Categories are singular. Example: Crew instead of Crews.
  • Categories are in English, if possible. Example: Crew, instead of Equipage.
  • Categories start with an uppercase. Example: Crew, instead of crew.
  • Categories composed of several words have those words separated by spaces. Example: Crew in Brussels.


There isn't any naming convention for crews. Note that, for historical reasons, most crew's names start with Crew Something, but this is not mandatory at all.

However, we ask that every crew includes the CrewSidebar template. This template is used to indicate the member list, the captain's name, navigator's name (if they exist), anchoring point (location where most meetings are organized), etc. It also automatically generates categories related to the crew, and semantic properties (status, city, province, region, etc). More concretely, this template allows us to display each crew on a map.


Regarding meetings, we use the following naming convention:

Workgroup/Meeting/DD MM YYYY

Example: Pirate Lab/Meeting/25 03 2017

  • Workgroup is the team organizing the meeting. Since there can be several workgroups organizing the same meeting, the page is named after the main workgroup.
  • DD, MM and YYYY are the day, month and year of the meeting, respectively.

We also ask meetings' organizers to include the MeetingSidebar template. As for crews, this template is used to indicate the date and time of the meeting, the address, etc. It allows us, amongst other things, to display each meeting on a map.


We haven't defined a naming convention for project yet (see WikiSquad/Project/Improving the Wiki).