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The Pirate Party is in perpetual evolution. It's time for a new General Assembly cycle.

It will start 'Date A' and will end with the actual General Assembly 'Date D'.

We will follow this protocol:

Motion 2 (Statutes), point 14 of the following document:

Approved by the General Assembly of January 2014: Events/EGA:2014-01/voting-day1


Gathering 1: The Laboratory

'Date A'


"The Coreteam meets to define questions for Pirates. The questions should be simply worded, unambiguous and as open as possible"

In practice, pirates are invited to the event so they can also add questions to the list.

Questions will be:

  * Questions

Period 1: The Contributions (5 weeks)

'Date A' to 'Date B'


" All the Pirates have the opportunity to make any response (s) to the question (s) asked. The duration of this period is five weeks. After two weeks, then every week, the Coreteam send an email to motivate all members. The texts are published on the website as and when they arrive, and assigned a number that identifies it. At the end of five weeks, no further contributions will be accepted, the list of contributions is stopped. "

Feedback from EGA 2014/08: an event is needed at the end of this period in order to:

  • Debate
  • Translate
  • Prepare the amendments

Gathering 2: The Debates

'Date B'


Pirates meet to publish, comment and start translating the contributions

Period 2: The Amendments (3 weeks)

'Date B' to 'Date C'


"All the Pirates have the opportunity to modify, edit, delete, correct, translate contributions. The duration of this period is three weeks. At the end of three weeks, all amended texts become the " raw material " from which will be drawn up proposals to vote. "

Period 3: The Proposals ( 2 weeks)

'Date C' to 'Date D'


"All Pirates have the opportunity to build from the "raw material" proposals to vote . The duration of this period is two weeks."

Gathering 3: The Decisions (aka the Assembly)

'Date D'


Pirate meet to decide what to do with the proposals


The next General Assembly will start soon.

- When:

- Where:

- Description of the location:

- What:

- Who: all members of the party. Check if you paid the membership fee :-) :

- Bring:

- Parking space:

- Entrance: free of course :-)


La prochaine Assemblée Générale commencera bientôt:

- Quand:

- Où:

- Description du lieu:

- Quoi:

- Qui: Tous les membres du parti. Assurez-vous d'être en ordre de cotisation :-) :

- Que prendre:

- Parking:


Binnenkort hebben we weer een algemene vergadering.

- Wanneer:

- Waar:

- Beschrijving van de locatie:

- Wat:

- Wie: alle leden van de partij hebben stemrecht. Het is vrij om een kijkje te komen nemen. Je kunt controleren of je lid bent van de partij hier:

- Meebrengen:

- Parkeerplaats:

Feedback and Follow-up

Everything can be improved. Let's learn together.