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EGA Gent 2013


Start at 11:00. Introduction speech by Sarah Van Liefferinge.

Proceedings by Jonas

  • meeting notes are taken by: Pieter, Vincent (everyone's welcome)
  • selecting people that count the votes; everyone counts all votes; people have been assigned;
  • how many people vote today: 31
  • Included in these 31, How many people have a delegated vote: 15


  • 1st period: 11:00-12:30 Coreteam statutes
  • 2nd period: 14:00-15:15 Statutes+program
  • 3rd period: 15:30-16:45 Statutes+program
  • 4th period: 17:00-18:15Coreteam election
  • Going home: 18:30

Documents distributed are online:

1st period: Coreteam statutes

1. About Coreteam (Statutes : Hoofdstuk II.4 Coreteam - Chapitre II.4 Coreteam)

1.A. About Coreteam

§ 1

  • GENERAL REMARK: coreteam has make sure the work is done, they do not have to do the work themselves per se (delegation)
  • remark marr: in practice this might mean often coreteam has to do it themselves
  • 1: accepted

§ 2; Integration

  • 2 A: accepted
  • 2.B: accepted
  • 2 C: accepted
  • 2 D:
    • questions on "approving of crews"; this part is removed from the proposition,
    • Adaptation text:
      • (NL) : Het coreteam is een referentie voor nieuwe crews. Ze keurt nieuwe crews goed en helpt ze
      • (FR) : Servir de référence aux nouveaux équipages, approuver et aider les nouveaux équipages
    • accepted (23+/14-)

Discussion about changing the order on the vote for the next proposals (we are not changing the order)

§ 3; Treasury

  • 3 A: Accepted
  • 3 B: Accepted
  • 3 C: Accepted

§ 4; Coordination

  • 4 A
    • Clarification requested about "decision that the party has to make" , confirmed to mean "the coreteam just coordinates the decisions, does not make decisions".
    • accepted
  • 4 B
    • clarification: coreteam has make sure the work is done, they do not have to do the work themselves per se (delegation)
    • remark marr: in practice this might mean often coreteam has to do it themselves
    • accepted (+20/-17)
  • 4 C: accepted
  • 4 D: accepted

§ 5; Paperwork

  • 5 A: accepted
  • 5 B: accepted
  • 5 C
    • Remark: if coreteam is legally responsible for what's published or done, then we can't let everyone take initiatives without coreteam's approbation
    • Remark paul: let's just vote on logistics not publications=> drop the flyers, campagne, affiches part. Keep webshop.
    • Adaptation text:
      • (FR) : Etre responsable de la logistique du parti et la gestion du webshop, affiches, Flyers, campagne)
      • (NL) : Het coreteam is verantwoordelijk voor de logistiek van de partij en de de webshop, affiches, flyers, posters, campagne)
    • accepted

§ 6. International

  • 6 A
    • Remark: PPI requires an "official" person, answer someone will then have to be appointed by or from the coreteam
    • accepted

§ 7; Press

  • 7 A
    • Dutch version of the text missing;
    • (NL) "Het zo snel mogelijk helpen en te woord staan van de pers, het opstellen en ontwikkelen van documentatie over de partij voor de pers, het stimuleren van een zo groot mogelijke media-aandacht voor de partij."
    • Remark: The Press function is about someone who has the responsibility of getting things done, not about forcing decisions and/or doing all the work by yourself.
    • accepted

§ 8; IT

  • 8 A
    • Remark: if coreteam is legally responsible for what's published or done, then we can't let everyone take initiatives without coreteam's approbation
    • remark paul: let's just vote on logistics not publications=> drop the flyers, campagne, affiches part. Keep webshop.
    • Adaptation dutch text:
      • (NL) : Het onderhoud van de IT-infrastructuur en de website, de organisatie van geschikte steminfrastructuur tussen de algemene vergaderingen door, de beveiliging van de data van de partij *verzekeren*.
    • accepted

1.B. Roles inside the Coreteam

§ 9; Integration

  • 9 A: rejected
  • 9 B: accepted

§ 10; Coordination

  • 10 A:
    • Remarks on the term "region", it's about communities, why not Brussels? Why not german speakers? It's a question of language and not a question of region.
    • rejected
  • 10 B: accepted

§ 11; Press

  • 11 A: rejected
  • 11 B: accepted

§ 12; IT

  • 12 A: rejected (14+/21-)
  • 12 B: accepted

§ 13; Treasury

  • 13 A: accepted (+27/-13)
  • 13 B: void since a is accepted

§ 14; Secretariat

  • 14 A: accepted (+27/-13)
  • 14 B: void since a is accepted

§ 15; International

  • 15 A: rejected
  • 15 B: accepted

1.C. Composition of the coreteam

§ 16.

  • 16
    • Clarification: 3 regions are: Flanders Wallonia Brussels
    • Question: what are the conditions to be allowed to represent a regio? (not answered)
    • accepted

§ 17

  • 17
    • Clarification: no vote on A and B will mean we have no defined amount of members in the coreteam (not a big deal)
    • Adaptation text:
      • FR : La Coreteam est composée de Maximum
      • NL : Het coreteam bestaat uit maximum
    • 17 A: rejected (+16/-24)
    • 17 B: rejected

§ 18

  • 18
    • Proposal to vote 18 and 19 and 20 togegher since only all at the same time make sense (not accepted)
    • Adaptation text: maximum 18 months, and not coreteam but members of the coreteam
      • FR : *Un membre de* la Coreteam est élue pour une période *maximale* de 18 mois
      • NL : *Een lid van* het coreteam is verkozen voor een periode van *maximum* 18 maanden
    • accepted

§ 19

  • 19
    • Question to be asked by Paul after luch: translation is not accurate:
    • accepted

§ 20

remark: "demissione" en francais n'est pas le mot correct => membre sortant, en fin de mandat

  • 20 A: rejected
  • 20 B: rejected

§ 21

  • 21: accepted

§ 22

  • 22: accepted

lunch break

Sandwitch sales:

    2.00000  x 50.00000
    7.00000  x  2.00000
   11.00000  x  1.00000
    3.00000  x  0.50000
   10.00000  x  0.20000
    5.00000  x  0.10000
      Total =  129

presentation of projects of members

presentation squads by vincent & paul

  • many squads are sleeping (not active)
  • for interested people to activate squads, send mail to vincent or paul
    • e.g. the canabis squad is very chill right now.... :-)
  • if you want it, do it

get opinionated by Jonas

  • Jonas, a friend and Pieter (a little bit) made an implementation of a liquid democray application
  • Bit like liquid feedback
  • Tailored for managing the statutes and program for the pirate party


  • There is a proposal to vote on it later today.

2nd period: Statutes+program

§ 19 revisited

  • 19
    • Question on difference dutch and french version: "verkiest" (elects) vs "renouvellee" (renews)
    • Also remark about the dutch version: says that the "coreteam elects", while should be "members of the coreteam are elected"
    • Adaptation text:
      • (NL) Een derde van de leden van het coreteam wordt elke zes maanden opnieuw verkozen.
      • (FR) La Corteam est re-elu tous les six mois d'un tiers de ses members..
    • We will deal with this at a later time.


Crews and squads

§ 23

  • 23: accepted

§ 24

  • 24: rejected


§ 25.

  • 25
    • discussion on what and why
    • rejected

§ 26

  • 26
    • Remark: mistake in the French version: should be "tous les accords internationaux" (all international agreements) iso "rendez-vous" (meeting)
    • Text adapted:
      • (FR) Tous les accords internationaux pris par le Parti Pirate ne sont valables qu'après ratification par l'Assemblée générale. Cela comprend les relations avec le PPI et PPEU.
      • (NL) Alle internationale afspraken die de Piratenpartij aangaat zijn pas geldig na ratificatie op een Algemene vergadering. Dit bevat onder meer de relaties met PPI en PPEU.
    • accepted

Party council / The political forum / Permanent meeting

  • General remarks/questions:
    • Q: What about not everyone having access to the internet? A: It's up to us to provide access to communication tools to our members.
    • Q: Is this ment to replace general assembly (point 30)? A: Point 31 states that the GA has to validate the decisions made by this tool.

§ 27.

  • 27
    • Questions about bindingness, referrals to 31. if approved, propositions need to be approved also on ga before they become effective.
    • What about people with no access to computers: solution is to provide access, not to stop getopinionated
    • Text adapted:
      • (NL) : ... vergadert permanent online en maakt democratische voorstellen via ...
      • (FR) : se réunit en permanence en ligne et fait des proposition démocratiques via ...
    • accepted

§ 28

  • 28 A: rejected
  • 28 C:rejected
  • 28 C: difference less than three, post-poned till next general assembly

§ 29

  • 29: accepted

§ 30

  • 30 A
    • orginal version: rejected
    • Text adapted:
      • (FR) proposer des modifications apportées au programme du parti.
      • (NL) wijzigingen voorstellen voor het programma van de partij.
    • modified version: accepted
  • 30 B
    • Original version: rejected
    • Text adapted:
      • (FR) faire des propositions sur l'idéologie du parti.
      • (NL) voorstellen van ideologische partijstandpunten
    • modified version: accepted

§ 31

  • No longer applicable, not voted

§ 32

  • No longer applicable, not voted

§ 33

  • 33: accepted

§ 34

  • 34: accepted

§ 35

  • 35: rejected

§ 36

  • 36: rejected

§ 37

  • 37: rejected

Not-statutory propositions

Creation of a program for the pirate party

Remark: non statutory means not part of the statutes (non-statutary), but can be referred to as decided on the general assembly of the pirate party.

§ 38.

  • 38: accepted

§ 39.

  • 39: rejected

§ 40.

  • 40: too close to call, postponed

§ 41.

  • 41:accepted

Programma's themes

§ 42. Proposition of themes:

  • only suggestions
  • voting on this means that the people on the general assembly think this is a good list of things to build a program around
  • based on themes of the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union)
  • Q: Add clarification sentence on top that explains what the set of points means, context?
  • Q: Skip to 43? voted. accepted. we skip to 43.
  • (point 42 was rejected after the vote for 43)

Manifest for the pirateparty EU

§ 43.

  • 43
    • Manifesto for the Pirate Party EU (as decided in Kiev)
    • If we accept this, the text will be part of our program, and we will be able to join the PPEU.
    • accepted!

§ 42 (re-vote)

  • 42: rejected

Coreteam election

  • How many eligible votes do we have:
    • Members with only one vote: 20
    • Members with one vote and one delegate vote: 14
    • In total, we have 48 eligible votes


  • 7 minutes max per person,
  • every candidate of the coreteam explains who he is and why he wants to join the coreteam. Questions after each presentation.


  • how access to European Parliament? Through the job of his wife
  • favorite topic? social entrepreneurship
  • Why and how in MR? In the Young MR, to see how politics work. Was in charge of communication
  • Where would you like to see the party in 12 months? (just after the elections) at least one person elected, that should be our target. Our party should be a link between citizens and Politics
  • Any links with the French pirates? not really, met a few guys


  • Where would you like to see the party in 12 months and how will you get there? the goal should be to have people elected
  • Answer: we need someone elected
  • Do you have experience in participating in a board
  • (sorry I missed something here...)
  • Your core topic? Democracy (liquid) and transparency


  • Interested in the way technology can allow people to make better decisions together
  • (Experience in another party? yes, PS. Left it now)
  • Is Installé your real name ? :-) yes
  • Where would you like to see the party in 12 months and how will you get there? 1 elected person or perhaps more. Real charge to help him.
  • Do you have time? it's a question of organisation.
  • What would you see yourself do in the coreteam? Mainly in the back office, for a project (not regular, at fixed times)
  • What is your core topic? Transparency and systems. Nothing is more practical than a good theory


  • (still discussing his candidature - issue of time)
  • removes his candidature right now
  • experience at EU Parliament level on communication with Asia
  • will stay in full support when needed to professionalise the management of the party, will come to meetings, but in a more informal way, giving advice


  • Longer presentation online: Back-up_squad
  • (I do not have so much time to give but I will give it - need to put the right tools on the right needs)
  • Have you been in a party before? no
  • Goal for elections? We are not the only citizens willing to go to politics. we should look for alliance, to avoid dilute votes. Namur crew is in contact with . If we want to be effective we should not refuse alliances. Elected candidates will need strong support. If no one elected, we should watch what will go on and act still.
  • Do you want a cartel with other parties? I do not want a cartel. It is not my goal to go for an alliance. But if someone comes and makes a proposal we should consider it carefully and not reject it directly
  • Will you think about political strategy in the frame of the coreteam then? My goal is not to put a direction. I will not push this idea but I am open for it.
  • Have you done already some stuff in the coreteam? see link above listing his pirate background. In coreteam: answering emails of new comers, made newsletters... tried to bring some structure, procedures


  • (I do not want to be in the coreteam but the job has to be done)
  • I will try to fix problems if there are
  • Where would you like to see the party in 12 months and how will you get there? I really don't know. 2014 will be an important moment.
  • Any experience in another party? 4 years on cdH. Worked for 2 years for Milquet when she was echevin/schepen for Culture.
  • What is your contribution you are most proud of as member of the coreteam? I don't know... ...
  • (issue with pad sorry)


  • never been in another party
  • Goal around elections: push our opinions, and get elected
  • what function in the coreteam would you like to take? would not focus on a specific function, we should just share the load, activate the people


  • (no political experience)
  • see the party rather as a movement. Should not fall in a hole if we do not have someone elected
  • where in 12 months? same as doing now. we are here to inform the people.
  • your core topic, nearest to your heart? patents
  • are you ok that we are running for elections then? sure we are doing politics. but if we focus too much on elections we will loose every one after the elections.
  • what's the story about the website? have been through a burn out in fact, feeling like talking to a wall (I guess I am not the only one :-)) I have to learn how to do with it


  • Motivations: Lot of groups go in the right direction, they'll need political support. Public money is wasted an we need to do something about it.
  • Core topics: Finance
  • (not in any other party in the past)
  • What do you think about the boycott of the worldcup? I agree with that ......


  • (one of my main topics: education)
  • what do you like-dislike about the pirate party? like freedom, space, liberty, individuals (very different), bad thing is mailing list (leave your ego at home, don't put it on the mailing list)


  • (in case of doubt, just vote FOR the people, we need people, a larger core team than over the past few months)
  • do what? treasury, open bank account, build a database, ... do what we are lacking now as a pirate party. No representation anymore. I love answering emails
  • where do you see the party in one year? I think we have a chance, a reasonable chance. At least we should take the chance. No I want to proffesionnalise the party more.

Voting - Counting

  • Need 6 people to count the votes, by pairs of two.
  • Each candidate needs > 25 votes to be in.
  • Vote is secret. You can vote for all candidates if you want.
  • Results: 51 papers counted (not 48... but assume good faith...)
  • Final result:
    • Sarah and Jonas: 50
    • Kash: 46
    • Paul: 45
    • Patrick and Emmanuel: 43
    • Vincent: 42
    • Tom: 41
    • Koen: 40
    • Marouan: 37
  • All candidates are elected --> we have a coreteam of 10 people
  • Question: is this classification going to have a consequence on how it is organised? This will be up to them, this had not been defined beforehand.

Going home... with some merchandising

Bye !