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Hello every one, here is the place where all Belgium pirate can take information or participate to the organisation of the general assembly of the 22 of December. Remember to use the discussion page for justify any change.

The Place

  • Google street vieuw.

The hour of the beginning and the end

  • From X am to X pm for the official part.
  • Until the morning for the drinking beer session...

The target

  • Continue the process of elaboration of the statue and structure for pirate organisation of Belgium.

How to reach the target

  • Presentation of democratic an participative development charter party and reach a concensus or vote for and for official validation.
  • Very short presentation of different structural propositions by authors and starting in live the application of the democratic and participative development charter party.

Daily schedule

  • Room preparation at X am
  • ...
  • ...
  • Storage room at X pm
  • Off discutions and drinking beer until the morning on the X bar until the morning.