Crew Gent/Meeting/31 01 2012

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Workgroup Crew Gent
Date Tue 31 January 2012
Time ?
Venue Hackerspace Whitespace
Blekerijstraat 75
9000 Gent
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  • Bespreking verslag national council
  • Idee: tegenstemmen
  • Gent manifesto night
  • Aktie Gent Light Festival
  • Review last meeting notes

Bespreking verslag national council

Reporting on meeting nat. council: Coreteam/Meeting29012012

Note: on putting link to where to find anonymous masks:

  • We should not mention them on the pp site because
    • mentioning them = linking, associating
    • saying we are not anonymous = form of communication against anon...

Decided: we don't want to put this on the site..

Idee: tegenstem systeem

  • bij verkiezingen per persoon kunnen
    • voor stemmen
    • tegen stemmen
    • of onthouden

ipv alleen voor stemmen;

om extreme meningen e.g. racisme er uit te filteren;

proven effective on e.g. youtube, reddit en andere voting systems

  • opmerkingen
    • complexiteit zo laag mogelijk te houden bij verkiezingen?
    • is het de kost waard?

Gent manifesto night

  • turn out was a bit fail
  • postponed for now
  • copy paste from other pirate parties and work from that (we are all about copying...)
  • first proposal by a crewmember becomes ghent-manifesto-v0.0.01-snapshot-alpha

Aktie Gent Light Festival

  • great success!
  • pictures on facebook

Review last meeting notes

We are doing this because Mike's mum made us.

  • contact bxl has been made
  • manifesto night was not a success