Coreteam/Meeting/29 01 2012

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Coreteam Meeting Toicon-icon-avocado-discuss.svg
Workgroup Coreteam
Date Sun 29 January 2012
Time ?
Venue Brussels' Office
rue Gérard 47a
1040 Etterbeek
Attendees Jurgen, Monika, Glenn, Mab, Pieter
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Co-presidents pp

  • Current presidents (Jurgen, Monika, Stephane) elected in 2010 (general assembly in semptember 2010)
  • None of the current presidents intend to be candidate for renewing their term.
  • This means we should be having 3 new co-presidents (each ressponsible/representing each region) after the general assembly planned for the end-of-march.

  • Next to stopping to be president, Jurgen and Monika also will discontinue the other roles they were taking up until now:
    • e.g. Merchandising and logistics
    • TODO: Jurgen/Monika will compile a list of roles to be taken over and mail it/append it to the report of the meeting (list is already available on the forum)
    • Either we fill in a role, or have a vacancy so it stays clear that there is work for anyone who wants to take it

  • Role/profile of a co-president:
    • Responsible for one of the three regions (Wallonia, Brussels or Flanders)
    • Focussed on starting new crews
    • Does follow up on existing crews
    • Is the contact point for crews in the region
    • The exacte role description for a co-president will be provided when a call for candidates will be launched

Report activities crew & regios

Regio Wallonie

  • Stephane stepping down as co-president

Liege crew

  • Stephane was also pulling the crew activities in Liege
    • Not clear who is taking over and the existing crew situation needs to be clarified (still active or not)
    • There is infrastructure available in liege to held meetings, placed called La Barricade where previous meeting took place.

  • Short term issue:
    • ppliege was co organising open data event together with la Coopérative Vega (fb event link:!/events/265340173533316/)
    • how is this going forward? to be clarified
    • event sheduled on 11 feb; requires urgent action? TODO:
      • see if anyone in Liege still pulling this
      • contact people involved, make sure they are aware of the situation

Mons crew

  • Crew recently started
  • Monika is in contact with pirates who are trying to set up the Mons crew
  • Having their second meeting on Sunday 29/02

Antwerp crew

  • Crew maybe forming
  • Having their first meeting today

Regio Flanders

  • we need a co-president for this region as well
  • will elect one at the general assembly

  • specific focus points for Flanders:
    • Consider starting crew in limburg; was a pretty active region in last federal elections, i.e. in 2010

  • TODO: Pieter will fill this role (=Flanders co-ordinator) until the general assembly (end March)

Current structure pp be

Current structure is based on the structure used in Germany (crew-squad structure as explained in Gent and as visible on the website)

  • One co-president per region
    • if more than one crew (e.g. per city) responsible per city/group of crews
      • crews with a captain, a navigator, and around 7 persons in size

In sweden:

  • /groups/squads/ form per project and seize to exist after project is done
  • recruting people online, e.g. via forum, or IRL


  • how to distribute news well
  • important for a political party
    • clarity / transparency
    • getting new members
    • reaching the press

  • responsible for communication distribution?


  • have a group that does the communication; a special "communication" squad;

  • decision announcing: Important announcements, e.g. GA, meetings, ... should be done compulsory on:
    • forum
    • mailing list
    • on wiki followup
    • agenda on main website
    • facebook

  • Monika remains the person who centralises communication related information until general assembly


  • we need wiki administrators (replacing Roel)

PPI conference

  • we can send delegation up to six people
    • one delegation = one vote
    • Jurgen is already going
    • At least one of the new co-presidents, we assume all four
    • expenses flight travel for Jurgen and future co-presidents only:
      • 50% reimboursed
      • for a maximum of 150€ per person

  • TODO: announce this
    • page on ppi wiki
    • reserved: 1 place for Jurgen
    • reserved: 3 places for co-presidents
    • the 4 spots above might be partially reimboursed
    • 2 other places available on a first come, first serve, not reimboursed UPDATE: Taken by Pieter and Klaas
      • reserve by showing flight booking
      • expences for extra places are not reimboursed by the pp (you'll have to pay for yourself, we are not rich enough...)
    • if one or more presidents don't go, their spots also become available

organisatie General Assembly PPBe

  • GA is of the factual organisation, not the NPO!!, as members are part of the factual association and not the NGO but both organisations are linked (explained on the current website under structure section)

Statutes of the factual association

Currently there is a draft, Monika has a copy of it

  • TODO: Monika will finish current draft; the following should be added/finished:
    • current pp rules squads, 3 pirates, secretary
    • membership
    • ga every year
    • how to cease
    • 3 co-presidents, one per region
    • board has power to change the person who is president
    • we elect 7 people
    • treasurer, general secretary get appointed by board

  • note:
    • TODO: Mab will make a proposal by next weekend on implementation how to vote and mail it to Monika
    • Jurgen, Sandb, Glenn are morally obliged to offer assistence to Monika for making the statutes!!
    • Deadline is 15 feb for Monika

  • TODO: after 15 feb, Monika's statutes
    • Pieter will translate to English
    • Mab will look at translated version and adapt if needed
    • Final version will be in French, English, Dutch, and possibly German
    • The official language of the document will be english
    • We hope to have the final version on end of februari


  • end of march, date depending on location
  • 24th/25th of march
  • TODO: Jurgen and Monika take the lead on organising the GA

  • where:
    • will be organised in Brussels because if it central location
    • somehwere nice, press might be there
    • maybe ask money for meals, partially, so we can afford
    • budget around 500 euro
    • proposal: beta-space co-working place
    • TODO: Jurgen will check for place, date

  • Number of people
    • Last time there were around 20 people
    • Ask people to confirm when coming so we are prepared

  • we will decide on new co-presidents in that meeting

  • TODO: Send out announcement and invitations
    • Containing an agenda, with:
      • Elections of the new co-presidents and other members of the new board
      • Vote statutes


  • There is the "projects" platform/site (
  • Has different sections with different access types
  • SIte already used for translations/writings/etc and local sections and
  • TODO: Jurgen or Monika will get Pieter admin account (pieter d0t iserbyt @t gmail dot com )


  • Monika currently takes up this role and manages everything
    • tshirts
    • flags
    • pins

  • Is one of the roles that needs to be taken over in the future

  • webshop in the making/online?
  • or send via email request
  • merchandiser has access to bank account
  • can see on Black Pearl's account when paid, then ships it

  • current problem with -> should not be online (
  • jurgen will look into that


  • anonymous masks, anonymous flag
  • we are not going to ship/sell this (we are NOT anonymous)
  • but we get the question regularly
  • TODO: put link to "informative" location on how to get/make masks and flags without paying hollywood; Pieter will do


  • belgium is using french agenda -> 11th;for protest against ACTA?
  • we need as much people as possible to protest on the 11th + materials, big, flashy
  • TODO: rally and maximise presence on this protest meeting
  • try to make sure it is clearer about what the protest is

Jonas struct


  • some members want more clarity on the structure and party
  • lots of info already online, maybe not so greatly compiled

Lets do this right from the new assembly;

  • clearly identify:
    • who is on the board
    • who is president
    • when is the board meeting happening, notes, agenda should be clear
    • who is doing what in the NPO

Crews info:

  • oversight crews: via the wiki. presidents should also know which crews exist
  • maybe make contact list of people in the pirate party

Discussed the text briefly:

  • pp belgium might be smaller than assumed by many
  • more hats than people
  • big changes coming after general assembly
  • will pass the text on to next board
  • we all want this, just hard to do


  • consider going for provincial elections only (less people needed for list)
  • we need to find out/share rules about participating in the provincial elections
  • crews: communicate back to national if and in what crews participate
  • crews need an "election coordinater" if they participate: will be a lot of work, they should be trustable and long standing member