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Coreteam Meeting Toicon-icon-avocado-discuss.svg
Workgroup Coreteam
Date Sun 3 June 2012
Time ?
Venue Brussels' Office
rue Gérard 47a
1040 Etterbeek
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  • Which city is participating?
  • 1 pirate for every district / province (34 fr - 35 nl)
  • decide and set up procedure
  • wiki page election with agenda (date and things to do)


  • List of Captain and Navigator (03-06-12)
    • NL/Antwerpen = Kapitein : Thomas Goorden - Navigator : Ittai De Vree
    • FR/Mons = Capitaine : François Rose - Navigateur : ??
    • FR/Namur = Capitaine : ?? - Navigateur : ??
    • FR/Charleroi = Capitaine : Gaetane De Pierpont - Navigateur : ??
    • FR/La Louvière = Capitaine : Mehdi - Navigateur : ??
    • FR/Liège = Capitaine : Hani - Navigateur : Renaud
    • BXL / Schaerbeek = Captain : Wissam Chaïri - Navigator : Muriel Colon
    • BXL Capital = Captain : Nino Niet - Navigator : Maël Brunet
    • NL/Brussel = Captain : Line Callebaut - Navigator : Toon Beynens
    • NL/Gent = Kapitein : Glenn Bouckaert - Navigator : Pieter Iserbyt
    • NL/Leuven = Kapitein : Dimitri Dhuyvetter - Navigator : David Leben
    • DE/Saint Vith = Capitaine : Christian Zeyen - Navigateur : ??
    • FR/Brabant Wallon = Capitaines : Lionel Dricot & Nicolas Y. - Navigateur : Gauthier Zarmati
    • NL/Mechelen = Kapitein : Vlad Solovov -

Organize first Council of Captain and Navigator

  • List of creating Crews
    • Ixelles
    • Ettebreek
    • Saint-Gilles
    • Saint-Josse
    • Tournai/Ath
    • Limburg
    • West-Vlaanderen

Process of candidature

1. enter candidacy (15 july) by a wiki page or form specially dedicated : Suggestion of put all created logo's and graphisme so far to rassemble on a wikipage or form -> template based on -> marouan

2. 15 days to object (01/08) 3. assemble council on the acceptance of candidates. (with captains and navigators) if objections exists 4. After that (15/08) we send the list of accepted candidates to the relevant crews (The region coordinators do the provincials?) 5. The relevant crews decide on the ordering of the lists and consequently try to enter a legally correct list (helped by Coreteam

--> Mail to all Pirates, Front Page on the website DEADLINE : wed. 6ht of june

3. Official Log and Name

The Coreteam decides to use the basic Pirat logo for the signatures => 463px-Pirate_party.svg.png

News about Elections

  • Communal: Antwerp, Gent and Leuven Crews want to run local elections. Mechelen unknown?
  • Provincial: three districts are filling out, need to continue
  • Discussion about organization : a "Campaign Team" is needed, on a regional level for provincial elections, on a local level for communal elections.
  • Campaign Team have to be composed by this four functions :
    • Directeur de campagne
    • Directeur financier
    • Directeur Communication
    • Directeur human ressources


  • Listing of current crews with contacts of Captain + navigator
  • Cities with 3+ pirates without crews => to do (paul & Jonas)
  • Council of Captains and Navigators=> mailing list to do (captain & navigator - nl + fr)


  • Welcome Squad :
    • Paul + Glenn (Gent) Klaas (Gent) Lionel Dricot (Louvain) Gaetanne (Charleroi) François Rose (Mons) Christian (St Vith) {+ Eleke (Antwerpen) ?}

=> to do : manual for creation of a crew !

  • how to manage squads for results?
    • Squad listing
    • Squad managers
    • Use of redmine
    • Reports

Base de donnée (get me in)

  • contact all the members of this list
  • to see for each district (35 nl - 34 fr) if we have a get me in or someone in the data base ?

Access IT-infrastructure

  • Listing who has acces to every single site/page related to the PPbe
  • Check who signed the IT-Chart and for what
    • L'accès l'infrastructure : IT Chart --> admin system + data collector
    • Les réseaux sociaux : Social Chart --> based on Xavier's list
    • Les sites des Crews : seuls les membres en ordre de cotisation ont le droit de créer un site au nom du Parti Pirate. En étant membre, les responsables du site se trouvent ainsi liés par les Trois Règles Pirates. Si sur le site créé, il y a une récolte de données (mail,s adresse, name, etc..) par formulaire, le webmaster du site en question devra signer la IT Chart
The three Pirate Rule
The Three Pirate Rule is a fundamental principle of the Pirate movement. The idea behind the Three Pirate Rule is to guarantee the freedom of initiative, vision and opinion for everyone. The Three Pirate Rule   tells us that only three pirates are necessary to execute an idea. They don't need any further “Permission” to continue and run this idea as an “official” Pirate Party activity. There are three exceptions to the  Three Pirate Rule:
1 Don't do anything illegal
2 Don't do anything that can damage the good name or the reputation of the party.
3 Don't use any funds of the party. You may ask for funds.

Situation à régulariser auprès de ceux existants.

  • To create
    • for each new Crew : mailing list adress and send and receive adress type ""
    • for each Council : council of Captain and Council of Navigators


PPEU @ Luxemburg

Coreteam will probably go to it (+ international coordinators)

Antwerpen FV

It's no problem for the Pirate Party, but a mail will be written to the Antwerp Pirate Party with the following:

  • They can, if they want, have access to a banking account opened by the Pirate Party as a FV within 5 days, available for the Crew's tresaurer.
  • Money collected by a Crew can be used by the Crew itself. It's up to the Crew what they do with it and whether they share with other Crews.
  • Their seem to be problems with the FV statutes and the responsability associated with them. As such we wonder whether the Crew Antwerp knows about the law of 4 July 1989 (about financing politics party)and how they plan on fullfilling the thing.
  • We want to stress that the way finances are dealt with on a centralized account, is to be maintained easier in accordance to the law, and to limit the respobsability associated with it.

Pirate Party Statutes

  • situation on the lqfb




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