Coreteam/Meeting/01 03 2015

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Coreteam Meeting Toicon-icon-avocado-discuss.svg
Workgroup Coreteam
Date Sun 1 March 2015
Time 2:00pm
Venue Brussels Office
Rue Gérard 47A
1040 Etterbeek
Attendees Kash, Vincent, Patrick, Thomas, Valérie, Frédéric, Pascal, Paul
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Coreteam: Kash, Vincent, Patrick, Thomas

Excused: Stef (still in Australia)

GA operational squad: Valerie, Frederic M (only until end of GA part)

Observers: Pascal (Brussels crew), Paul Bossu


  • General Assembly on March 28th 2015.
  • PPI (Pirate Parties International) membership
  • Creation of asbl/vzw due to Mons2015


GA 28/03/2015

Context: The statutes provide a certain schedule for announcing and amending things to be voted on the GA. However, this system hasn't worked, as people simply do not arrive at submitting things in time (amongst other issues, the infrastructure could not be ready on time, that 10 weeks ahead of the GA). For this specific GA, this gives us a few problems as some decisions cannot be postponed without an unnecessary penalty.


  • Start the GA with a list of exceptional votes we would like to address regardless and first let the assembly accept this extraordinary voting procedure. (If it is not accepted, we'll just have to deal with that.)
  • Voting: Accepted unanimously, at the condition that "publicity" and discussion possibilities are given well ahead of time.
  • See also: List of extraordinary proposals below (the result of further discussion).


  • Extraordinary vote on simply removing the parts in the statutes that are causing this problem in the first place. (Note: in practice this means that the GA team gets a lot more freedom to decide on how to organise the GA and it will be possible to add proposals closer to the GA.)
  • Voting: Accepted unanimously.
  • Vincent will prepare the replacement part.


  • Split the day of the GA in two parts. Before noon we'd do all the voting, provide some reporting, etc. In the afternoon we discuss topics in "unconference-style", similar to what we did last time.
  • Voting: Accepted unanimously.
  • See also: List of potential discussion topics for the afternoon below.


  • Doors open at 9 am (we'll try to provide breakfast), start at 10 am, end at 17.30 pm. (Unanimous agreement.)
  • The unconference part will only take 1 hour plus 20 minutes presentation of the results.

Other stuff:

  • As there might be some people leaving the coreteam in June, we'll specifically try to get new coreteam members at this GA so we can do a smooth transition. Same for operational squads.
  • We'll do crew presentations like last time.
List of extraordinary proposals
  • Proposal to leave the PPI. (See other agenda item.)
  • Proposal to create vzw/asbl "Pirates of Belgium". (See other agenda item.)
  • Proposal to sign No-Transat declaration

These proposals can be found on GetOp, for online discussion:

List of potential discussion topics
  • Welcoming of new members
  • Long-term strategy/vision for the Pirate Party
  • Managed hosting for the Pirate Party: the why and how.
  • Working out a proposal to use GetOp (or other online voting) in a more fundamental way.
  • The precise goal/functioning of the asbl/vzw.


Context: There have been quite a few rumblings surrounding the PPI the last years, which has intensified the past half year with the PPAU and the PPUK quitting, etc. As there is a decentralised (non-authoritative) alternative in the works at Pirate International, which matches our own way of working much more, we felt it was better to focus our energy on those positive initiatives.


  • Suspend our the PPBE membership of the PPI as soon as possible. Added to this a proposal for a vote to confirm quitting our PPI membership at the GA, see above.
  • Voting: accepted unanimously.


Context: Thanks to the hard work of a few Belgian Pirates (esp Danny), we've been offered to take part in Mons2015 with a few workshops, for which there would be a reimbursement. However, the Mons2015 requires a formal structure (ASBL/VZW) to contract with. In general, we've been needing a ABSL/VZW for a while now, because currently all members of the PPBE are personally liable for the organisation, which we need to fix. (As long was we don't enter certain types of contracts, the actual risk is currently low, but it limits us enormously.)


  • A letter of intent to create an asbl/vzw will be written and signed by Danny, Vincent and Thomas. We will formally vote for a board of the vzw at the GA and also decide there is we want to create a "temporary" vzw just for Mons2015 or a permanent vzw for the PPBE.
  • Voting: Accepted unanimously.

Meeting ended around 17:00. All Hail Hydra!


--Tgoorden (talk) 12:29, 2 March 2015 (CET)

--Vincent L. (talk) 17:01, 2 March 2015 (CET)

--Valerie (talk) 21:02, 9 March 2015 (CET)