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This topic gathers information and resources about Animal rights, but also on "non-human lifeform rights", in order to provide a better knowledge of this issue to the Pirates.


Pirate Codex

Pirates respect all forms of life

  • Pirates are tolerant and peace-loving: they oppose the war and reject the death penalty. Moreover, they are committed to sustainability, the protection of our environment, and promotion of biodiversity.

  • Pirates are also for the dignified treatment of all forms of life, including those raised or cultivated for human consumption.

  • We are for the free movement of all living beings.

Humans are part of nature

  • Humans, as well as non-human lifeforms, have the right to a decent and fulfilled life.

  • Pirates accept that human beings are just part of the food chain and acknowledge human dietary needs are those of omnivorous creatures.

  • Also, Pirates understand that as part of a food chain, a part of our purpose is to consume other living beings, in order to keep alive and keep the equilibrium of the food chain.

Dietary choices are a human right.

  • We totally respect human being's dietary choices, which includes the wish to abstain from eating animals.
  • On the other hand, Pirates we do not condone attempts to impose dietary norms to groups or individuals.

Values of the Pirate Party

   Our environment is the most important asset. Health and survival of most, if not all, living beings including humans and non-human lifeforms (e.g. animals) are currently threatened by human activity. Environmental sustainability's importance is systematically minimized. The necessary need for change of our production and consumption is, more often than not, ignored for short-term economic and political gains. 

Pirates advocate for a holistic vision that respects the ecological balance and earth's limited renewal capacity.

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The documentation related to this topic can be found here.

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