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WikiSquad meeting Toicon-icon-avocado-discuss.svg
Workgroup WikiSquad
Date Fri 2 January 2015
Time 2:00pm
Venue Café Altérez-vous
Place des Brabançons 6a
1348 Louvain-la-Neuve
Attendees Manu, HgO, Damiens, Vincent L, Fred M, tierce
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Lien direct vers le pad de la réunion


As a reminder, here is the list of projects from GA reporting :

The Wiki is one of the main support tools for the Pirates. The Wiki is a knowledge management and structuring tool. It's the main source of information. Inspiration to be taken from Wikipedia and Gentils Virus ( ).


? hackathon on Jan. 16th 2014 8pm

Needed features

at least 2 more copies of the server : one for failover and one for development lab.


(need to discuss this with the IT squad)

  • bilingual wiki is an issue. We need a portal with one site for each language at least at the interface/design level
  • server infrastructure
  • database backup
  • access rights on the server : who has the access rights ?
  • stats about database and files + "inventaires"


audience of the wiki ? Who uses the Wiki (vs FB for example) ?



    • Dump of the Wiki (Database + Files) in case of issues + The "Lab" before January 16th
    • manual then automatic backup procedure (project for the hackathon ?)
    • Interactions with BXL and Namur Crews about the usage of the wiki and the tools they need
    • set priorities according to the real needs of the Pirates
    • help the Community Squad to buil a Wiki page to help the crews
    • help the GA squad to put the updated statutes on the Wiki
    • Add new features to make the usage of the wiki easier/clearer : calendar, templates, forms, categories...
    • Organize Workshops to help Pirates to use the Wiki
    • Update help pages
    • Upgrade after the release of MediaWiki 1.25 (June or July 2015) + Visual editor
    • contact WikiMedia foundation, Gentils Virus, Australian and Brazilian Pirates
    • implements Intewiki links